Chéri tries out Sennheiser’s latest GSX 1000 & GSP 350 gaming products

Sennheiser has entered the gaming audio market with a range of products aimed at enthusiasts and serious gamers, with the GSX 1000 audio amplifier and the GSP 350 headset designed to provide immersive Surround Sound and realism. Check out our full test on page 100.

Right now I’m studying fashion marketing, and in my spare time I help out my sister who opened a dog shelter in Johor. So when I’m not studying or event modelling I’m at the shelter grooming the dogs or taking them to the vet for vaccinations.Cheri

I’m actually not much of a gamer at home – I don’t even play Candy Crunch – but I’ve been to cybercafes with my friends so I kinda know my way around Left 4 Dead 2 and I’ve used gaming headsets there – just don’t ask me how to set one up! What do I think of these Sennheiser headphones? Well they aren’t as big as those I’ve seen before and they do feel comfortable to wear, plus I like the red highlights of course. Having a big dial as the volume control also makes it easier as the one I used at the cafe had a tiny roller that was a bit hard to find. I tried the sound using a laptop to listen to Spotify and it was good with EDM!

I’m a frequent poster on instagram (cherilowitzx), I love to share beauty tips and selfies, plus all my dogs!

– Chéri



ennheiser GSP 350 and GSX 1000

Sennheiser GSP 350


Sennheiser GSX 1000