Breguet’s Type XX Introduces New Straps

Breguet, a name synonymous with horological excellence, continues to honour its legacy while embracing modern innovations. The iconic Type XX collection, celebrated for its rich history and exceptional performance, now features new steel bracelets and NATO straps, enhancing its versatility and appeal.

The newly designed metal bracelet for the Type XX collection brings a contemporary flair to this legendary aviator’s watch. Crafted precisely, the steel bracelet adds a sleek, modern touch without compromising the watch’s historic essence. This innovative addition makes the Type XX equally suited for elegant occasions and everyday adventures, reinforcing its versatile nature.

In addition to the metal bracelet, Breguet introduces NATO straps in an array of stylish colours. Available in sand, green, and grey, these straps unite timeless elegance with bold modernity. The new NATO straps lend a fresh, contemporary touch to the Type XX collection, allowing wearers to express their style while enjoying the watch’s classic design.

To fully appreciate the latest expression of Breguet’s expertise, enthusiasts are invited to an exclusive presentation at a Breguet Boutique. This tailor-made experience offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the history and distinctive features of the reinvented Type XX.

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