Experience Ideal Temperatures with Sony Thermo’s REON POCKET 5

Sony Thermo Technology Inc. has unveiled its latest wearable cooling and warming device, the REON POCKET 5. This fifth-generation model makes its debut in Singapore, expanding its availability beyond Japan and Hong Kong to Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom. The REON POCKET 5 (RNPK-5T) is designed to be worn at the back of the neck, directly cooling or warming the body surface.

The REON POCKET 5’s launch in Singapore follows the success of its predecessor, the REON POCKET 4, in Japan and Hong Kong. In Japan, 10,000 units of the REON POCKET 4 sold within three days, with the product selling out entirely after three months. Hong Kong saw a similar enthusiastic response.

Versatile Comfort Anytime, Anywhere
The REON POCKET 5 can be used at home to keep cool while enjoying entertainment and saving on air conditioning bills. Outdoors, offers a cooling breeze during commutes and make crowded spaces more bearable. It’s also ideal for content creators needing comfort during outdoor shoots.

Shoppers can enjoy perfect temperature control in both chilly supermarket aisles and warm boutiques. In office settings, the REON POCKET 5 provides personal warmth, ensuring comfort when air conditioning is too cold.

Enhanced Performance and Longer Battery Life
The REON POCKET 5 features an enlarged thermo-module and a newly structured heat dissipation fan, offering up to 1.5 times higher cooling performance compared to previous models.

With five cooling levels, it provides powerful cooling for up to 7.5 hours at COOL Level 4. Additionally, the device operates quietly, reducing noise by up to 80%, making it suitable for quiet business environments.

Smart Temperature Control
Sony’s REON POCKET 5 includes an advanced “SMART COOL ⇔ WARM MODE” function that automatically adjusts to ambient temperature, ensuring maximum comfort. The REON POCKET TAG, equipped with the latest software, detects direct sunlight and adjusts temperatures 33% faster than previous versions.

With eight sensors, the REON POCKET 5 and REON POCKET TAG offer precise temperature control for up to 10 hours in “SMART COOL⇔WARM MODE.”

Suitable for Business and Casual Settings
The REON POCKET 5 includes two types of air vent covers, suitable for both business and casual styles.

The business-style vent cover extends to the height of the collar, while the casual-style cover is shorter for low collars, both designed for efficient airflow.

Optional Accessories
Consumers can purchase the Neckband S (Cream) RNPB-N4S for $35, a slimmer version of the provided Neckband, suitable for ladies and children. Additional Neckbands (white) RNPB-N4 and REON POCKET TAGs RNPT-1 are available for $35 and $49 respectively.

The REON POCKET 5 will be exclusively available in Singapore at Sony Stores (online and offline) starting May 6, 2024, at a recommended retail price of $249.