Madzik: An ’80s-Inspired Hack and Slash Adventure Launches on Steam Now

BKOM Studios proudly announces the official launch of Madzik, a narrative-driven, cooperative hack-and-slash adventure steeped in ’80s nostalgia.

Step into the Heart of Zikverländ
Madzik transports players to the mystical, dangerous world of Zikverländ, where celestial moons dictate the flow of magic and shape the land. Each lunar cycle brings new dangers and transformations, altering the environment and its inhabitants. The dynamic moon system ensures that every playthrough offers a fresh and challenging experience.

Heroes of Zikverländ
Meet the protagonists, Makino and Veroline. Makino wields an enchanted warhammer, while Veroline casts devastating spells. Each character’s unique abilities are designed to complement the other, making cooperative gameplay essential. Synchronize your skills to overcome the dark forces corrupting Zikverländ and harness the power of the Moon Madness.

Key Features of Madzik
● Cooperative Gameplay: Team up with a friend to unlock the moon’s full potential and defeat the corrupting forces. Success hinges on collaboration, making teamwork crucial to victory.
● Narrative Journey: Immerse yourself in a captivating tale brought to life with stunning voiceovers and engaging cutscenes. The story unfolds with every encounter, making it a memorable adventure.
● Empowering Transformation: Channel the Madzik energy to transform into a more powerful version of yourself, unlocking new strengths and abilities to face ever-greater challenges.
● Dynamic Moon System: Experience a world that evolves with each lunar phase. Enemies and environments shift, requiring players to adapt their strategies and exploit new weaknesses.
● Handcrafted Mystical Lands: Explore vibrant, handcrafted lands with exploration opportunities. Zikverländ’s unique design incorporates real-life elements, adding depth and character to the game.
● Versatile Ability System: Customize your playstyle with a diverse and flexible ability system. Tailor your skills to suit your preferred approach to combat and exploration.

Madzik – Episode 1 is now available to wishlist on Steam.