Elevate Your Golf Game with Canon’s New Image Recording Rangefinder: The PowerShot GOLF

Canon has unveiled its latest innovation in the world of golf with the introduction of the PowerShot GOLF, a groundbreaking rangefinder that not only measures distances but also records photos and videos. This new device is perfect for golfers looking to review their play and preserve memorable moments on the green.

Enhance Your Golfing Technique
The PowerShot GOLF is more than just a rangefinder. It features advanced photo and video recording capabilities, allowing golfers to capture their play with superimposed measured yardage data. This feature provides comprehensive information to evaluate and improve one’s technique. Whether you want to analyze your swing or review your course strategy, the PowerShot GOLF offers invaluable insights.

The device also includes a slope mode that adjusts distances for elevation changes, helping golfers make informed decisions about club selection and shot power. The pin-locking function ensures accurate distance measurements to the flagpole, not the surrounding objects, by targeting the closest subject when multiple subjects are detected. Additionally, the continuous range finding function activates with a half-press of the measurement button, continuously measuring distances for precise readings.

Crystal Clear Details of Distant Targets
Equipped with a high-quality 2.36 million-dot OLED EVF, the PowerShot GOLF provides a clear view of the scene with an information overlay and a 60-fps refresh rate.

This feature allows users to survey distant target areas carefully, providing a close-up view starting from a 410mm equivalent on a full-frame camera, extending up to 820mm with 2x digital zoom. The rangefinder also boasts optical image stabilization to keep the target steady, ensuring clear and accurate measurements.

Designed for On-the-Go Convenience
Compact and lightweight, the PowerShot GOLF is designed with ergonomics in mind. Its well-placed buttons allow for quick and intuitive one-handed operation, making it convenient to use on the course.

With an IPX4 water resistance rating, the device can be used in light rain, ensuring reliability in various weather conditions. The PowerShot GOLF is easily charged via a USB-C port and uses a MicroSD card for memory, simplifying data transfer and storage.

Canon will announce the pricing and availability of the PowerShot GOLF at a later date.