Even better than ever – meet Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

Google has once again launched the new Pixel series – Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. These phones, which are equipped with Android 13 and our newest Google Tensor G2 processor, are the centrepiece of our ever-expanding hardware lineup, which also includes a watch, tablet, and earbuds. These gadgets all have the intelligence you’d expect from Google, and they all work together to benefit you.

Sleek with sustainability in mind

The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are sleek, fashionable, and robust. Additionally, both phones’ aluminium casings are created entirely from recycled materials.

The Pixel 7 is purposely more compact than the Pixel 6 with a 6.3-inch display and lower bezels, cramming more features and advancements into a slimmer profile. You may select one of three colours—Snow, Obsidian, or the brand-new Lemongrass—to fit your unique style, and its new zirconia-blasted aluminium feels silky in your hands.

The three colour options for the Pixel 7 Pro—Snow, Obsidian, and a brand-new Hazel colour—are the perfect complement to its 6.7-inch immersive display, gorgeous polished aluminium frame, and camera bar.

Experience the best with Android 13

The Pixel 7 offers the finest Android experience yet with Android 13. It is quick, clever, and secure. Additionally, the modern style and personalization options give it a personalized vibe. You can change the colour of your app icons to fit the design of your phone’s wallpaper, and you can even give each app a different language.

Combined with an even better camera – What more can you ask?

The photo was taken with Macro Focus on Pixel 7 Pro

With camera capabilities such as Super Res Zoom, Macro Focus, Cinematic Blur, and Photo Unblur for outstanding photographs and videos, the new phones offer the finest picture-taking experience on Pixel yet.

  1. With our newest Super Res Zoom, you can increase your focal length by up to 8x on the Pixel 7 and up to 30x on the Pixel 7 Pro. When you show your pals the photos you shot of your sports star in action, they’ll assume you were courtside since you’ll be able to capture sharp, high-quality images from a distance. You have the freedom to imaginatively frame your photograph at various magnifications while retaining good quality because we’ve also achieved optical quality comparable to a dedicated 2x telephoto lens for Pixel 7 and a 10x telephoto lens for Pixel 7 Pro.
  2. With Macro Focus on the Pixel 7 Pro, you can get even closer while still taking photos with Pixel HDR+ at distances of up to three centimetres. Take crisp, vibrant images of feathers, flower petals, rainfall, and other minute details.
  3. With Photo Unblur, a Google Photos feature available only on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, you can restore clarity to your hazy pictures. To fix fuzzy photos, even ancient ones, Photo Unblur uses machine learning. Remove blur and visual noise with just a few clicks to recreate the experience exactly as you remember it. Additionally, you may use Magic Eraser to easily eliminate distractions from those photos while enhancing them.
  4. Everyone enjoys taking selfies. With the help of high-contrast visual animations, haptic feedback, and precise vocal instruction, those who are blind or have impaired vision may now take selfies. Because everyone should be able to take selfies.
  5. With the introduction of the new 10-bit HDR, videos are upgraded. Record movies with greater contrast, brightness, and colour range. Additionally, Cinematic Blur enables you to capture stunning, shallow depths of field in cinematic-style recordings.

    Additionally, we’ve improved the features of Pixel’s camera, which is currently our most encompassing camera. To ensure that Pixel Camera continually portrays skin tones accurately, Real Tone’s camera algorithms underwent training using more than 10,000 additional photos of people of colour from our picture expert partners. As a result, we enhanced Real Tone to function in low-light conditions, including Night Sight. And Night Sight now produces stunning low-light photographs that are crisper than before with only half the usual exposure time.

    Big component improved – Smarts and Artificial Intelligence

    Google smarts and intelligence are a significant components of what makes a Pixel, and the Pixel 7 is no exception. We’ve enhanced practically all of the chip’s primary components using Google Tensor G2, and we’ve built them to cooperate incredibly effectively to handle the intricate and sophisticated nature of our software and machine learning. Therefore, especially when it comes to speech and language understanding, your smartphone is even smarter.

    We created Direct My Call last year because we know how difficult it can be to call a company and have to memorize all the options for the extension you require.

    With the Pixel 7, this feature has gotten better: For many of the most-called businesses, you’ll now be able to see a list of menu options before they’re even spoken, so you can cancel that flight or file an insurance claim even faster.

    With Assistant voice typing, texting has never been more enjoyable. It now provides emojis that are appropriate for your messages. Emojis can also be found using voice search.
    If you’re searching for an emoji but are unsure of its name, don’t worry. Hey, winky, or LOL emojis, for instance, will function just fine because it is forgiving. Additionally, in addition to English, German, and Japanese, the Assistant now supports voice typing in French, Italian, and Spanish.

    Security and privacy with 7

    Security is still Google’s first priority, and Face Unlock, a convenience made possible by cutting-edge face recognition algorithms, and at least five years of security upgrades will help the new phones become safer over time.

    Your private information is always secure with Pixel. The Pixel is designed with many security layers to help keep you safe and secure, including Google Tensor G2 and the Titan M2 security chip. Your phone becomes more resistant to sophisticated attacks thanks to Titan M2.

    And later this year, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will come standard with VPN by Google One, so your online behaviour is secure regardless of the browser or program you use.

    The under-display fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, which is quick and safe, makes it simple to unlock your phone. Furthermore, owing to cutting-edge face recognition machine learning models, you now have the extra convenience of Face Unlock, enabling you to access what you need right away.

    Online pre-orders for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are available on the Google Store, Amazon SG, Courts Online, Challenger Online, and Shopee, and will be available online and in-stores from 13 October 2022. A