Exploring Langkawi in the perspective of Canon EOS M50 Mark II

To see the world through the lens, preserving it as memories and sharing it with my followers on my social media have been a pastime I have had for half a decade. On this trip, I brought my compact and light Canon EOS M50 Mark II camera to explore Langkawi, a beautiful part of Malaysia.

I was able to capture the beautiful sea view with Canon EOS M50 Mark II and the EF-M-15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM lens. I really enjoy the sea breeze with Horizon’s Signature cocktail, Classic Hornbill (caged) at Ritz Carlton Langkawi.

I took the cable car on a scenic trip up to the top of Gunung Mat Cincang, to have a bird’s eye view of Langkawi island. I was lucky enough to catch a few glimpses of the 125-meter curved Langkawi Skybridge before the fog engulfed it. The bridge is suspended high in the sky and offers an obstructed view of the landscape and islands surrounding it.

Canon EOS M50 Mark II allows me to stay connected anytime and anywhere, even at the top of Gunung Mat Cincang. With the built-in Wi-Fi, it allows me to transfer images easily and conveniently from the EOS M50 Mark II to my smartphones on the go, and have my photos ported over instantly for me to post on my social media in real time!

I visited Pantai Tengah Beach, which is the longest stretch of beach in Langkawi, a relatively quieter beach perfect for those who appreciate tranquillity. I whipped out my Canon EOS M50 Mark II to capture some “touristy” shots with the panoramic view of the beach. Canon EOS M50 Mark II has a 24.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, the EOS M50 Mark II captures fine details and life-like colours better than our typical smartphone


As the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is the perfect beach getaway destination in Malaysia. It’s a nice and tranquil spot for us Singaporeans who may not be able to travel for too long but still want a peaceful holiday. Don’t forget your Canon camera if you do go to capture the amazing scenery!

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