TRIVE Ventures Launches Tribe Accelerator, a Government Supported Blockchain Accelerator

TRIVE Ventures, a Southeast Asia focused Venture Capital (VC) firm based in Singapore, announced the launch of their blockchain accelerator – Tribe Accelerator – a blockchain accelerator focused on product development. It is supported by Enterprise Singapore, the government agency responsible for developing the startup ecosystem and making Singapore a global hub for startups.

Tribe Accelerator poster

Plan For Success

Tribe Accelerator will target later-stage startups globally for this 6-month acceleration programme held in Singapore, focusing on product development and driving the mass adoption of blockchain in cities and societies. Additionally, it will provide a platform for traditional enterprises and government agencies to work alongside these up-and-coming blockchain projects, something most blockchain projects do not have access to.

The 6-month product-centric blockchain accelerator will serve two primary objectives:

  1. To nurture world class blockchain startups by building blockchain based technological solutions for mass adoption in the real world.
  2. To generate greater public awareness of the benefits and relevance in the everyday use of distributed ledger technology through the usage of decentralized applications (dApps) or backend digital solutions.

The initial batch will support eight startups, offering them a network of business mentors, technical support, access the accelerator’s partners network of technical talent and global exposure through series of web contents and a global demo tour.

Laying the Foundations

Tribe Accelerator will officially kick-off with an invite-only launch event for its incubated companies some time in Q1 of 2019. Thereafter, incubated companies will participate in a global demo tour across Singapore, South Korea and Japan (with more in the pipeline), where accelerator graduates will officially showcase their individual blockchain projects and decentralized applications to global industry leaders.

One of the key objectives of the tour will be to expose these projects to rigorous evaluation and market testing, preparing it for real world use. Furthermore, the tour will have an exhibition that will showcase the best blockchain projects from these countries, allowing for the exchange of best practices and ideas amongst their blockchain peers.

South Korea’s ICON Foundation, one of the world’s largest Blockchain networks, will also serve as one of the technical partner for accelerator participants, and provide the technical know-how to bridge the gap between translating blockchain concepts into real products for these incubated companies.