Lenovo’s Legion 5i Pro is Packed with High Performance while Staying Stylish

Travel and be on-the-go while still being able to play high-performance games? Yes please! Gaming laptops have the right technology to be able to feed my hunger for gaming at night while staying productive for work during the day. Lenovo’s Legion 5i Pro is a 16-inch gaming laptop with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti graphics and the latest Intel 12th Gen H-series CPUs. Watch my quick unboxing video of the laptop here! 

I immediately downloaded my favourite FPS games, such as Valorant, CSGO, and Halo. I also love action-adventure games such as GTA, in which I enjoy completing heists at my own pace. With all these games known to be graphically demanding on the laptop, I put the Legion 5i Pro to the test. The 3070 Ti is one of the best graphic cards in the market now, and it definitely lives up to its hype.

While playing, I experienced a high frame rate per second (FPS), with no lag. The graphics were extremely smooth and I could play all the games at high graphic settings. What really caught my attention was the Lenovo Legion AI Engine. When a game starts, it recognizes it and optimises the system’s performance to offer the highest FPS possible. It is unique in that it automatically detects the top AAA game titles (such as the games I played and shown above), and issues a custom-tuned profile that improves FPS by 5-16%. 

As I was playing games on the laptop through the night, I was concerned that it would overheat, potentially worsen performance and spoil the hardware in the long run. Fortunately, I did not experience overheating. When in operation, the new Legion ColdFront 4.0 combines software with the newest Intel and NVIDIA technology to provide a more thermally efficient, quieter, and cooler system. I was so surprised I couldn’t hear the whirring of fans and processors even after intensively using the laptop for the whole day. 

If you prefer to blast your sound out on speakers instead of wearing headphones, the easy surround function allows you to connect with any external Bluetooth speaker. For me, using the laptop’s speakers was good enough. Aesthetically, I absolutely love the RBG backlight of the keyboard. 

With an e-shutter, I get peace of mind in terms of security. It comes with the laptop’s HD webcam. With today’s heavy use of teleconferencing, simply slide the switch to cut off power to the camera. Using the laptop the whole day for zoom meetings and gaming calls for a long battery life. Thankfully, the Legion 5i Pro is packed with a huge 80 watt-hour battery. Get an 80% charge in just 30 minutes! I don’t have to sacrifice battery life for high performance anymore. 

Overall, I enjoyed the sleek style and high performance of the Legion 5i Pro. Retailing at S$2,599 onwards, it comes in storm grey and glacier white. For more information, check it out here