Take me to Turkey with my CANON EOS R6

Happy graduation to me! For my long awaited grad trip, my friends and I packed our bags for a long holiday to Turkey. It is my first time visiting the beautiful country that sits in between Europe and Asia, and I cannot be more excited to enjoy quality time, Middle Eastern food, and take beautiful pictures with the scenery. My travel buddy of choice is the Canon EOS R6, which has been highly raved about by pro photographers, and I cannot be more excited to shoot travel photos with it.

A friendly travel buddy 

One of the main considerations I have when choosing a gadget for travel, be it camera or other devices, is the size, as there will be a lot of walking and I want to stay comfortable. While the Canon EOS R6 may not be the most petite of Canon’s suite of mirrorless cameras, I like a good balance of size and performance. The grip on this camera also makes it easy for me to take it around with only one hand. 

I brought along two lenses that were more than sufficient for me. The RF 50mm F1.8 STM Is useful for food photography or structures that were further away, while the wider RF 14-35mm F4 L IS USM is useful for sceneries, group photos, portraits, and any other purposes. Here are some gorgeous photos in Ankara and Cappadocia, most of which are not edited and look great as a raw photo.

Some people are afraid of bringing devices abroad because of the low temperature that messes with the battery. At about 4°C, far lower compared to the high tropical temperatures in Singapore, I was assured that the camera would be fine as it is weather sealed. It even snowed in Cappadocia, which was surprising in April!

The camera also has 2 SD card slots which make it more convenient as I do not have to worry about whether the card storage is full and I can always rely on the backup card. The display of the camera is also bright enough to see directly under sunlight (boy was it sunny in Turkey!), which makes it easy for me to review the pictures that I have taken without needing to find cover when I am shooting outdoors. I look through the viewfinders sometimes after shooting, but if I am looking out for facial details or showing my friends their shots, the display screen is used for the playback.

Exceptionally vibrant shots 

The images that I took with this camera were vibrant and brought out the bright colours of the hot air balloon in Pamukkale and tulips in the garden in Istanbul. The camera also helped to portray the true colours of the Hagia Sophia Mosque with the photos that I took. The camera has a fast autofocus function which helps to quicken the time required for taking pictures, especially when the tour group is moving and I do not want anyone to wait for me. 

There is also a silent shooting function which is useful in a fine dining restaurant or at religious places where I want to be more sensitive and avoid disturbing the atmosphere.

Effortless transfer of pictures

Not only do I find the 2 SD card slot practical as it allows taking double the number of pictures in one go, but the camera’s WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity have also made my job easier to transfer pictures from the camera to my phone. I unofficially became the photographer of the tour group after they were wowed by my shots.

To put it in a few words, the Canon EOS R6 is a good investment for both professionals and beginners alike when travelling as it has a wide array of features including a functional auto mode for easy shooting, to an array of settings and high performance for the experienced to try out something different. 

Additionally, the R6 allows a hassle-free experience with the dual card slot. Its sturdy build also allows for protection from most weather elements, guaranteed to be safe to shoot in any sort of harsh and unpredictable environment. The vibrant photos justify the beautiful scenery I saw with my own eyes, and help the colours to pop so my Instagram photos look equally vivid. 

More trips and stories with Canon EOS R6 are coming your way, so keep your eyes peeled here as I share my travel and photography journey with you.