GIGABYTE AERO 16, the Perfect Choice for Creators

With borders open, I waited no further to resolve my cabin fever with a short trip to Bintan over the long weekend in May. Even though I long for a relaxing holiday, disconnected from the world outside the island, I know that it is not realistic with upcoming deadlines at work. I decided to enjoy the process as much as possible, grab a cold drink, sit at the beach, and work on the GIGABYTE AERO 16, a powerful laptop that optimises work and entertainment.

More joy with more screen area

The makers of the new 16” laptop considered the needs of a growing target audience, designers and content creators, including me! Each detail of the laptop is tailored for creators. This includes the 4K OLED and Samsung AMOLED screen in the laptop body which allows a remarkably increased 12% viewing area compared to its previous generations. Whether it’s viewing split screens at bigger sizes or watching a video, you get 12% more screen to enjoy. The outstanding accurate colour performance on the screen allows content creators to be as precise as possible with their work. This is particularly useful when I am editing photos and videos.

Sleek and silver

The GIGABYTE AERO 16 has a moonlight silver-coloured aluminium alloy body which gives a classy finish and professional look to the laptop. The arc body and neat edges complement each other well exhibiting elegance. The four-sided 3mm bezel-less design makes the laptop more immersive for viewing and creation. While design is not my most important consideration in choosing a laptop, it sure counts when I want the way I work to reflect my personality and creativity. I may even stick on some stickers as I go along on the laptop! The laptop also comes with a case, the same colour as the laptop, so that it can be safe-kept and carried around easily, tucked away from the sand on the beach!

A quick connection

For creators like myself, transferring files and presenting screens happen pretty often. I transfer photos from my SD card to my laptop frequently, back up files on SSDs, share screens during presentations, and many other scenarios. AERO HUB, a dongle with a series of useful ports for work comprises HDMI, miniDP, USB-A, and Ethernet ports. This can be connected to the laptop using the Intel Thunderbolt 4.0, achieving a transfer speed of up to 40Gbps, 8x faster than USB 3.1. This means my connection to external devices is seamless and file transfers do not get slowed down.

Get the creative juice flowing!

The NVIDIA Studio platform allows creators to shorten the time needed to process or render their creations. Thanks to the hybrid multi-core 12th Gen processor on AERO 16, creation has never been this efficient. RTX 30 graphics come with features that can accelerate your work. NVIDIA Studio allows creators to access creative apps and tools to supercharge their creative juices.  It also has tutorials and videos and tutorials from top artists which allows you to follow and gain inspiration. As a rookie in the creative industry, I rely on all these guides a lot.

Overall this laptop is mainly designed for content creators and designers who seek a simple yet reliable product to get the job done. Be it editing, making models, or winding down with some entertainment by the beach after all the work is done, the laptop’s unbiased colour scheme, powerful processor and widescreen, will let any creator like myself to make the most out of work and play.

Check out the GIGABYTE Aero 16 on Lazada here now.