Shure Unveils MVX2U Digital Audio Interface: Elevating Audio Excellence for Content Creators and Streamers

Shure has unveiled the MVX2U Digital Audio Interface, an innovative solution designed to remove barriers to attaining professional-grade audio quality. This compact and discreet single-channel interface converts XLR to USB, making it easy for users to achieve exceptional audio performance. The MVX2U comes with integrated software that grants access to the ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop app, providing seamless compatibility with any XLR microphone and delivering up to +60dB of pristine gain. This level of gain is particularly suitable for microphones like the Shure SM7B, and it also offers phantom power for condenser microphones.

Geared towards streamers, podcasters, and content creators, the MVX2U sets out to make outstanding audio accessible to a wide audience. Equipped with robust Digital Signal Processing (DSP), this interface offers powerful audio enhancement tools at an impressively competitive price point.

The ShurePlus MOTIV Desktop app is a standout feature of the MVX2U, leveraging its potent onboard DSP. This empowers users to harness the customization and user-friendly interface of the app for both dynamic and condenser XLR microphones from various manufacturers. By using the MVX2U, individuals can transform their existing XLR microphone into a USB-powered workhorse equipped with the essential tools to simplify the quest for exceptional audio quality.


Out of the box, the MVX2U operates in Auto Level Mode, intelligently adjusting gain in real-time. This dynamic capability acts as a virtual audio engineer, maintaining consistent audio levels and enabling creators to focus entirely on their content creation without fretting over the microphone technique. This, in turn, minimizes editing time and maximizes creative output. Users can manage Auto Level Mode settings, presets, and other parameters, such as “vocal tone,” via the MOTIV Desktop App.

For those seeking more hands-on control over their sound, the Manual Mode of the MOTIV Desktop app offers additional features, including EQ, limiter, and compressor presets. Furthermore, the MVX2U will receive periodic firmware updates, ensuring the interface evolves to meet users’ evolving needs.

The MVX2U boasts a compact design that’s compatible with any XLR microphone. It can be directly plugged into the XLR output of the microphone or positioned at the end of an XLR cable (in-line), providing users with flexibility in incorporating the interface into their setup.

An essential aspect of microphone performance is the amount of gain it receives. The MVX2U addresses this by offering +60 dB of clean gain, sufficient to drive microphones with high gain requirements like the SM7B. Additionally, the MVX2U comes with Phantom Power enabled for users employing condenser microphones.

In conclusion, the MVX2U Digital Audio Interface XLR to USB adapter is a versatile solution suitable for streamers, podcasters, musicians, content creators, and anyone seeking a compact, customizable, and professional audio setup. Whether you’re using the iconic SM7B or another XLR microphone, the MVX2U Digital Audio Interface offers the necessary gain, phantom power, and DSP control to meet your audio requirements.

The new Shure MVX2U is now available at AV One,, SLR Revolution, Swee Lee, TK Foto and Treoo for S$199 (including GST).