Canon EOS 800D Review: Excellent Beginner’s Cam

Canon EOS 800D

The Canon EOS 800D is the latest in an extremely popular series of cameras for mainstream users or beginners. It is essentially a stripped down version of the 77D – it has the same sensor but designed for a less ‘serious’ audience.

In this respect, the new user interface is rather helpful. It is interactive and touch-enabled, which helps the user toy around with settings while it explains what their actions will achieve. And once the training wheels are off, the camera’s standard menus are equally simple to use and navigate through.

The autofocus is one of the two main highlights of this camera; speedy and reliable, and beginners will find it very pleasant to work with. This is the case even in live view. In fact, it’s perfect for family occasions especially when you have to take pictures of children – just tap on the screen and have it track them. It’s that simple. The other highlight is image quality, which is also commendable, and you can get quite good images with nice detail from the stock 18-55mm lens setup.

There are not many downsides for the 800D, to be honest, and I feel it’s more about the question of, should the beginner need this option? Should a beginner need access to in-camera RAW editing before they ‘social’ a picture? Some say yes, some say no. But the fact is these groups of people would likely be interested once they start obsessing about posting the best possible pictures that they can muster.

You may not have 4K video capabilities, and the camera screams plastic all over, but all those niggles in the back of your head disappear once you start taking pictures. Honestly, I am clutching at straws for major complaints. The fact is, this is an excellent camera to buy if you are a beginner trying your hand at taking better pictures.

Rating: 4.5/5

With excellent image quality and easy handling, the 800D can what it takes to satisfy the needs of the casual photographer. And with its new intuitive guided user interface, beginners will also find using a DSLR much less intimidating. It is one of those rare gadgets that you can more or less recommend ‘blind’ to your friends.

S$1,249 (18-55mm kit)