Galaxy Watch4 Series Levels Up Holistic Wellness and Customisation

Samsung Electronics Singapore has released a new update for its Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic smartwatches. Users can look forward to new features such as improved interval training for cyclists and runners, a new sleep coaching program, and new body composition insights. 

Motivation to Move and Deeper Insights for a Healthier Heart 

Samsung’s new interval goal function for runners and cyclists enables them to pre-set the length, distance, and number of sets for their workout, whether they’re just seeking to get active or training for a race.

Improved body composition insights powered by Centr, real-time measurement of oxygen intake levels (percent of VO2 max), sleep tracking capabilities, and the ability to measure blood pressure and ECG with the help of the BioActive Sensor technology with Samsung Health Monitor app are just a few of the new features. 

These capabilities enable users to gain actionable insights and monitor their health from anywhere at any time. Additionally, the upgrade will allow for increased interoperability within the Android Ecosystem, allowing users to access additional apps through Google Play.

Work Towards a Better Night’s Sleep

The program allocates one of eight sleep symbol animals to the user’s sleep type after tracking sleep patterns for seven days and completing two associated sleep surveys. The app will then walk users through a four- to five-week coaching program that includes missions, checklists, sleep-related articles, meditation instruction, and frequent reports to help them improve their sleep quality.

Improve Your Wearable Experience

From the inside out, the latest Galaxy Watch4 upgrade improves the wearable experience. Additional colours and digital clock fonts can be added to the watch face, allowing users to make it genuinely their own. Additionally, Google Assistant will be available on the Galaxy Watch4 series in the coming months.