NXT February 2022 Issue Is Out Now! Get Your copy Today!

Greetings! The editorial team at NXT wishes all our readers a very prosperous and safe Lunar New Year, and as we enjoy our socially restricted family banquets, we’ve some interesting reading for you in this issue to keep you entertained and informed during your festivities.

First up is our Electric Vehicle main feature, with 15 upcoming or conceptual electric rides for you to drool over, from Sony’s Vision-S 02 SUV prototype to the Rimac Nevera electric hypercar, and also in this issue edition, we Test drive Audi’s utterly awesome RS e-Tron GT!

Gear this month kicks off with the return of Huawei with the blinged-up P50 Pocket foldable phone, while LG launches a gaming notebook, PlayStation teases its new VR2 Sense controllers and Samsung mates a pico projector with a smart speaker with The Freestyle.

NXT Angel Vanessa checks out the KIOXIA EXCERIA PLUS Portable SSD to store all her content, while in Luxury there’s a new U-Boat Worx Super Sub, a pair of TWS earbuds from Porsche Design, Leica’s Q2 Reporter with Kevlar armour, and a custom Apple iPhone 13 Pro.

Also in Test, we have an exclusive first review of the UB+ Eupho S1 Circle portable speaker, the new Apple iPad Mini, Jabra’s Elite 7 Active and the Alienware x17 R1.

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