Bring the Parrot ANAFI Everywhere With You

The Parrot ANAFI is a new-generation drone made to be ultra-portable so you can bring it everywhere with you. Great for bringing to the beach, a nice walk in the park, or basically anywhere without a low ceiling. Equipped with a 4K HDR camera, it’s super-efficient and easy to use.

Parrot ANAFI

Designed with Intention


The ANAFI was designed by Parrot with the following in mind:

  • An ultra portable, compact, rugged, lightweight and foldable UAV with a USB-C charging system.
  • A 4K HDR camera with a zoom, a 21MP sensor, a 3-axis stabilization system with, for the first time, a 180° vertically rotating camera and a lossless zoom up to 2.8x.
  • An impressive flight time of 25 minutes made possible by a ‘bio-inspired’ design combined with a smart battery.
  • A new intuitive app with automated movements of the drone and the camera.


Compact and Portable

The Parrot ANAFI is a 320g ultra compact and foldable drone. Its four arms fold and unfold in less than three seconds. In addition, the remote control – the Parrot Skycontroller 3 – is also extremely portable as it unfolds in 1 second and automatically connects to the ANAFI.

The ANAFI’s shape, materials, and design of its propellers have been optimized to make it the quietest drone in its class as well. Gone are the days of waking up the entire neighborhood or ruining romantic moments on the beach just by flying your drone.

Parrot ANAFI

Take Incredible Photos


The ANAFI uses a Sony IMX230 sensor and an Ambarella video processor to produce spectacular 4K HDR (30fps) and 21MP photos. It’s also the only drone currently the record HDR videos in 4K. HDR makes it ideal for filming a sunset or a very bright sky, which are things that everyone loves shooting with their drone.


The stabilized gimbal on 3 axis makes it possible to take photos and videos at crazy angles thanks to a vertical tilt of -90 ° to + 90 ° and a horizontal tilt of -40 ° to + 40 °.

In addition, the digital stabilization provides + 5 ° to -5 ° EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) in the direction of flight allowing stable shots even when the drone is operating at high speed.

The camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens (110 °) with 2 aspherical lenses designed to limit stray light and chromatic aberrations, regardless of the light conditions.

The ANAFI is also equipped with a lossless zoom of 1.4x in 4K and 2.8x in full HD (1080p). It is also possible to zoom in 3x with digital zoom. There’s also a unique Dolly Zoom which lets you zoom in on a fixed subject while moving the background away, like what old-school movies love to do.

Parrot ANAFI components


A Smart Battery

The ANAFI battery continuously monitors its charge level (regardless of the temperature and aging of the cell). During a flight, the ANAFI evaluates the load level and returns to its take-off position if needed.

The ANAFI battery has an integrated charger, compatible with USB-C and can thus be charged via a phone charger, powerbank, or laptop. It adapts to the power source, and the charge is faster when it is attached to a more powerful charger.

Omnidirectional Wi-Fi

Each foot of ANAFI is equipped with a dual-band antenna (2.4GHz & 5GHz) to ensure an optimal connection with the remote-control Parrot Skycontroller 3 regardless of the orientation of the drone.

The ANAFI constantly monitors its Wi-Fi environment in order to switch to another channel when the one it uses is too crowded. This guarantees optimal spectrum utilization performance and allows the ANAFI to fly up to 4km away while maintaining video transmission to you.