KIOXIA has the Memory Solution for Students and Creators

As a full-time graduating student and a part-time content creator and writer, you can imagine the number of digital files I carry day-to-day. In school, I work on projects and back up my lecture recordings and assignments for reference (and for sharing occasionally). Out of school, I whip out another laptop for music and video editing, especially when I love working on videos on student life and productivity. Where are all these massive files stored?

I chanced upon KIOXIA, a global leader in memory solutions, and their new EXCERIA PLUS Portable SSD Series. What I love about this SSD is that it is faster, lighter, and more durable than conventional hard drives. It also leaves me worry-free if my laptop has issues and my precious files are not backed up. Given how I work across laptops for school and content, it is also a no-brainer to use an SSD.

The highlight of the EXCERIA PLUS Portable SSD is the read speed, which is perfect for huge file transfers with minimal time. This is especially useful when I have to rush projects or work on the go!

The fast read speed is not the only factor helping me with school and content on the go. The compact palm-sized design makes it really handy to carry around in my bag, plus it’s very lightweight. It comes in a pouch for me to neatly stow away the SSD and the cables (I bring around both Type-C and Type-A). The housing is made of durable aluminium that is both highly shock-resistant and effectively dissipates heat, so you do not have to worry about storing it in the pouch when it is hot after file transfers, or dropping it while on the go.

For those of you who work or game across different devices, the EXCERIA PLUS Portable SSD is compatible with PCs, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles. This means you can use it for work and play, while I use it for both school (Macbook) and content or work (Windows laptop).

While I do not store any confidential information, you may find the need to turn your security up a notch, KIOXIA’s SSD Utility management software would be useful for password protection to safeguard confidential data.

Overall, I find that whether I’m studying or creating content, data storage is always a key concern, and finding the fastest, easiest, and most reliable solution is important. Storing my projects and videos in KIOXIA EXCERIA PLUS Portable SSD keeps me working efficiently and with peace of mind.

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