Driving Efficiencies in Cleanliness with Samsung’s new Dishwashers

To elevate the lifestyles of Singaporean households, Samsung Electronics Malaysia has unveiled a new category of home appliances, dishwashers, adding to Samsung’s existing range of home appliances for cleaner homes. The dishwashers are packed with a slew of features that make cleaning a breeze, with smart features that help users monitor, control and personalise their dishwashing experiences.

The Samsung Dishwashers are available in two models, a Standard model and a Smart model. The latter features SmartThings connectivity and additional specialist programs for a personalised cleaning experience. Both models offer Hygiene Care, which effectively eliminates 99.999% of bacteria with every wash.

Gavin Yeong, Head of Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics Singapore shared “The pandemic has raised the cleanliness and hygiene standards of Singaporeans, and we have also noticed that homeowners are looking for home appliances that can meet these new standards, without compromising efficiency and convenience. Samsung’s new Dishwashers aim to meet those standards, while also elevating our consumers’ lifestyle.”

Elevating Lifestyle through Effectiveness and Convenience

The Dishwashers are available as freestanding units so that homeowners can easily choose to retrofit their dishwashers in their cabinets or have them as a standalone unit. Homeowners have a choice of classic stainless-steel finish for the Standard model or black matte finish for the Smart model, both equipped with features for effective cleaning and convenience.

Hygienic Cleaning for Your Dishes

Both dishwashers come with a Hygiene Care option, which extends the final rinse and increases the water temperature to 70 ̊C, to thoroughly eliminate 99.999% of bacteria. Consumers can have greater peace of mind as their dishes will be clean and safe for usage.

Fast and Effective Cleaning and Drying of Your Dishes

The Samsung Dishwashers boast an innovative Auto Door Open feature, whereby the door will automatically open after the washing cycle to allow a 10cm space for steam to escape so that the items can dry faster, especially for plastic and small items.

For families who are pressed for time, the Smart Dishwasher model comes with an additional feature called Speed Booster. This feature allows consumers to speed up their cleaning cycle and will be ideal for homeowners who need dishes cleaned quickly, especially before or during family gatherings or home parties.

Water Saving

Certified with 3 Ticks under the Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS), homeowners can be assured that the Samsung Dishwasher thoroughly cleans and is water and cost-saving in the long run.

Greater Convenience for users

With the dishwasher’s interior specially designed to be intuitive, consumers can easily manage their dishwashing load.

Homeowners will welcome the Soft Railing feature, which utilises a ball-bearing rail system that creates less friction. This ensures that the rack slides in and out smoothly with little effort, even with heavier items such as your pots and pans on it. Safety is also a big driving factor for this feature as it minimises the risk of items falling out of the dishwasher with its stability.

With Flex Load, consumers can load dishes, glasses and pots of different sizes much more easily and safely thanks to three different settings for the central basket. The lower rack skewers can also be adjusted to accommodate larger cookware, and a cup holder can safely hold delicate items like glasses.

Additionally, the dishwashers are also equipped with the Auto Adjust feature, which allows consumers to quickly adjust the middle rack up or down to create more space in the lower rack, allowing for the insertion of dishes of different shapes and sizes.

Consumers can further optimise the space inside the dishwasher thanks to the 3rd metal convertible rack, which serves as a dedicated space for their cutlery and cooking utensils. Since the top rack is removable, consumers can change the location of their shelves to accommodate different loads for each cleaning cycle and make room for larger cookware if needed.

A Smarter Way to Clean Your Dishes

The Smart Dishwasher model supports SmartThings and offers consumers a smarter way to personalise their dishwasher. With SmartThings they can remotely start the cleaning cycle and monitor the status with their smartphone.

Consumers can further customise their cleaning experience with the Download Program option in the SmartThings app with our four additional specialist programs Extra Silence, Pots and Pans, Plastic Tableware and Baby Care.

With these options, consumers can further optimise their dishwasher for the different loads they wish to clean. The Extra Silence program ensures quieter washing, the Pots and pans program helps to clean dirty dishes without pre-rinsing, the Plastic dishes program minimises the risk of deforming plastic objects and finally, the Baby Care program is suitable for washing children’s bottles, cutlery and crockery.

Availability and Pricing

The new Dishwashers will be available now for purchase on the Samsung Online Store, and all major consumer electronics stores. The Smart Dishwasher (DW60A8050FB/SP) retails at MYR$5,786 while the Standard Dishwasher model (DW60A6092FS/SP) retails at MYR$4.178.