URWERK Unveils Its Spacetime Blade Limited Series: An Intergalactic Horological Creation

A new era of watchmaking has dawned with URWERK’s latest unveiling: the Spacetime Blade Limited Series.

Redefining Time and Space
Forget everything you know about watches—no satellites, no wandering hours, no planetary gears.

There are not even the typical cases and dials. The Spacetime Blade is a testament to URWERK’s commitment to pushing boundaries. As the creators say, this is about transcending the traditional notions of time and space.

Engineering Marvel
The Spacetime Blade stands at an imposing 1.70 meters tall and weighs 20 kilograms, comprising 1,446 individual components.

It’s not just a timepiece but a monumental instrument resembling the ancient gnomons, used to measure the Earth’s rotation around the sun. Every detail, from the vertically aligned flame-shaped Nixie bulbs to its massive bronze base, has been meticulously crafted.

Artistic Mastery

The base of the SpaceTime Blade is a sculpted URWERK crown, crafted from bronze using the traditional lost-wax casting process by Mr. Lukuvka.

A Symphony of Glass and Metal
The glass tubes themselves are handmade miracles, born in the workshops near Novy Bor in the Czech Republic, an area renowned for its glassmaking and now part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. Each Nixie bulb comprises 88 parts, arranged meticulously to display the time down to hundredths of a second, changing up to 500 times a second when activated.

Under the guidance of Dalibor Farny, these Nixie tubes have been elevated to new technological heights. This innovative arrangement allows the Spacetime Blade not just to tell time but to display it in various modes – from basic hours and minutes to the revolutionary measurement of the Earth’s journey through space, quantified in kilometres.

With only 33 pieces available, priced at SGD 90,000 each, the URWERK Spacetime Blade is as exclusive as it is revolutionary.