3 Fun Things You Can Do with the Huawei AppGallery Without Leaving Your Home

These days, you don’t even need to leave your home because your smartphone has it all – be it searching for information, scrolling through social media, or even playing games. Whether you’re a shopping fiend or a fitness junkie, you can choose to stay in, yet enjoy these activities – here’s how you can do the things you truly love from the comfort of your own home through apps available on the Huawei AppGallery.

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Do your Shopping

Shopee and NTUC from Huawei AppGallery

If you enjoy shopping, doing it online or through your smartphone is a wise choice because you can immediately access a wide range of stores and products even while laying on your sofa. Homegrown e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Lazada lets you buy all your lifestyle essentials in one single app, and delivers them right to your doorstep. Getting fresh groceries and produce is no longer an issue too, on apps like Fairprice that brings the supermarket to you while you’re at home.

Hit the Gym – Right from your Own Pocket

Fitness apps from Huawei AppGallery

Whether you’re trying out a new exercise or doing the same routine for the thousandth time, apps such as Keep-Trainer and Huawei Health can be your own personal coach to keep you moving even from your living room. Waste no time travelling to the gym when you can workout at home on your smartphone, with simple fuss-free health and wellness apps to stay on top of your health.

Be Entertained with Videos, Drama, and Games

Entertainment apps from Huawei AppGallery

One of the best things to do at home is to binge on a TV drama, or spend hours being hooked on a single video game. With streaming apps such as Viu, you can finally catch up on that popular K-drama that everyone is buzzing about while snuggled up in your comfiest blanket. If TV shows and movies aren’t really your thing, try out a game instead. Remember the classic Miss PAC-MAN arcade games? They’re now making a comeback on smartphones, so you can enjoy reliving your memories (and perhaps beat your high score as well)!

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