4 Apps that will Keep the World Cup Fever Hot!

With these four apps, you’ll be totally connected to the latest news, gossips and scores from the World Cup 2018 in Russia, keeping your World Cup fever hot! Just make sure you get enough sleep okay?

BBC iPlayer Radio


If you have tried the BBC iPlayer app, you would have enjoyed the engaging and informative content, as well as the myriad of topics they cover. But what if you can’t keep your eyes on the screen or want to enjoy the same content in podcast form? BBC iPlayer Radio lets you listen to five radio channels of live commentary. So, even if you are out driving and can’t catch the match, you would still be in the know when you use the app with Apple CarPlay. The app also has a host of football shows to satisfy your fervent love for the sport, and you can even listen to the shows offline. One feature meant for those who are absolutely obsessed with podcasts or football shows is the built-in alarm clock and night mode, so you can wake up to live commentaries and doze off to match reviews.

Available on iOS and Android

All Football

All Football App

Besides giving you access to the latest football news, you can tailor your experience by telling the app who your favourite teams are. World Cup enthusiasts can turn on push notifications so that you don’t miss a single update even while asleep. You can then view the match analysis after the match is over. All Football also consolidates all the statistics into one page, with tables, fixtures, results, squad, player profiles and performance stats, so you don’t have to browse various websites to gather comprehensive information on the World Cup. Football is more fun when you connect with fans of the same team, so log into the chat room to rave about your favourite players, or debate with others about who performed better in that last match.

Available on iOS and Android

FIFA Football

Fifa App

Cristiano Ronaldo is the new face of FIFA, and he is very involved in the reimagined football game. FIFA captured his movements and replicated them in the animation to make his avatar creepily realistic. Throughout the game, Ronaldo’s avatar will give tutorials, tips, and opinions on the matches you’ve played. Build a team of players from real football teams and play thrilling matches. This game is perfect for rainy days when you can’t head to the field. It’s also updated with real-world events when you play in the single player Campaign mode, making you feel as if you are playing for your country in the World Cup.

Available on iOS and Android

Score! Hero

Score Hero App

Ever took up street soccer or joined the Football CCA and dreamed to be one of those World Cup footballers? Even if it feels unachievable, you can immerse yourself in the life of a star footballer in Score! Hero. Play through the course of 580 challenging levels as if they were the qualifying rounds for World Cup. The gameplay gives you full control of your player as you manoeuvre him with precise passes and shots, then win trophies as you progress (because reward keeps athletes motivated). You can connect to Facebook to rival your friends, or even try to rise up the ranks in Game Centre for boasting rights.

Available on iOS and Android