Embrace sound perfection with Astell&Kern & Empire Ears’s The Odyssey


The Odyssey is the result of a partnership between Empire Ears and Astell&Kern, a leading manufacturer of luxury in-ear monitors with headquarters in South Korea.

The Odyssey is a hand-made, high-performance in-ear monitor that blends the newest audio technologies from both prestigious companies with a shimmering, multi-lamination design to create a sharp, precise, and powerful sound with its 10-driver Quadbrid system.

The SP3000 is the ideal travelling companion for the Odyssey. Together, the luxury audio devices deliver higher standards to ultimate performance for a truly remarkable listening experience.

Dean Vang, Founder of Empire Ears, commented: “The Odyssey has been an extraordinary adventure in engineering, and it’s forced me to focus on new technologies and unconventional processes. The idea was to build an IEM of extremes, one worthy of bearing both the Empire Ears and Astell&Kern name. No half measures. No compromises. We had to use everything in our arsenal to break new barriers.”

Groundbreaking Technology

The Odyssey has a 10-driver Quadbrid system made up of a W10 Bone Conductor, two W9+ Subwoofers, five balanced armatures, and two electrostatics.

The Quadbrid System’s exceptional 5Hz-100kHz frequency response range is maintained with flawless coherence and timing thanks to a 7-way synX cross over network and an EIVEC MKII engine that harmonizes all 10 drivers.

The ground-breaking IEM also features Empire’s Dual Conduction Architecture, a ground-breaking approach to audio reproduction through both air and bone conduction that maximizes listener immersion with a sound that you can both hear and feel, ensuring the most authentic experience.

Breathtaking Design

The Enigma faceplate, a meticulously created, one-of-a-kind dichroic faceplate that contains nine distinct polymer layers in three proprietary lamination stages, served as the inspiration for the magnificent look of the Odyssey.

The end result is an eye-catching product with colour transitions that change depending on the viewing angle.

Pricing & availability

The Odyssey retails for MYR$17199 and is exclusively available at AV One.