Welcome Sakura Season With The Beoplay E8 Powder Pink Special Edition

Following the success of the Beoplay E8 Special Edition in monochrome colours, Bang & Olufsen continues to captivate the masses. This time, the latest entry into the Beoplay E8 colour variants is the Beoplay E8 Powder Pink Special Edition.

Closeup on Beoplay E8 Powder Pink

Available in very limited quantities, this gently blushing variant on the fast-selling Beoplay E8 series takes its inspiration from the Sakura season of Japan. Specifically, the pale pink blooms of the yoshino cherry tree. Looks aren’t just everything though, as these earbuds are as cutting-edged as they are delicately hued.

Sakura Season, And The Tradition Of Hanami

Beoplay E8 Powder Pink with sakura branch

Each year between March and May, Japan bursts into hues of pink with the arrival of the Sakura season. During this season, families and friends gather under the blushing trees to honour the centuries-old tradition of hanami. In gathering, they welcome the new season, and appreciate the temporal beauty of nature and transience of life as a community.

To celebrate Japanese culture, the arrival of spring, and the beautiful colours of the Sakura season, B&O Play introduces the Beoplay E8 Powder Pink Special Edition. The colour is inspired by the pale pink blooms of the yoshino cherry tree. It also just happens to elegantly underline the harmonious design of the earphones, while softening the anodized aluminium and leather details.

Beoplay E8 Powder Pink with sakura branch

Just as Beoplay E8 creates beautiful experiences that enrich people’s lives, so the Sakura season sees people coming together for a special moment in time. That it just so happens to come with a breath-taking backdrop of beautifully natural colours and textures is only a plus!

Not Just A Pretty Pink Face

Beoplay E8 Powder Pink with sakura branch

The Beoplay E8 Powder Pink isn’t just a beautiful design though. It also delivers industry-leading sound and a seamless listening experience on the move. Not only that, it holds up to four hours of music on one charge, and two additional charges on the move from the pocket-friendly leather charging case.

Beoplay E8 has small magnets built into each earphone. Clicking them into the charging case will automatically power down the earphones and start to charge. This means they’ll always be ready for your next move.

These earphones come tuned by acclaimed Bang & Olufsen sound engineers for a rich, full-bodied, and precise soundstage. For a personalised listening experience, you can use the Beoplay App for Android, iPhone, and Apple Watch to control the tonality and sound staging. You can also use it to find the perfect predefined profile for various types of activities!


The Beoplay E8 Powder Pink is sold in very limited quantities, and available in Singapore Bang & Olufsen stores at the following places from May 2018:

  • Grand Hyatt
  • Takashimaya
  • Robinsons The Heeren
  • TANGS at Tang Plaza