Double your air purity with the LG PuriCare 360 Double

LG’s novel air purifier keeps your indoor air clean with double filters.

LG recently launched three PuriCare air purifiers in Singapore, with the PuriCare 360° Single Air Purifier (S$1,199) utilising a single filter system, while the PuriCare 360° Double has two filters. This doesn’t mean that air is filtered twice in a single pass, but rather, more air is filtered at any time, which makes the Double ideal for living rooms and larger areas, while the Single is more suited for smaller bedrooms.

Unpacking is pretty simple, though you need to follow the instructions to unwrap the drum filters and remove cardboard stiffeners (for shipping) in the chassis of the purifier. Each filter is constructed from multiple layers of mesh to filter six categories, from airborne dust to odours, allergens and chemicals. The PuriCare 360° Double comes with a wheeled dolly so that you can move it around your living room.


Operating the PuriCare 360° Double is also quite simple via its touch interfaces, with the basic set-up for normal 360-degree purification, though you don’t need to place it in the centre of your room for full effect, and the Double has delivers clean air at both waist height and towards the ceiling to circulate air across your room. For more direct purified air you can activate a Clean Boost mode that pops-up the topmost fan by 55 degrees, with 70 degrees of oscillation. At maximum power, this can cast purified air up to up to seven metres away from the purifier, while in normal operation I found it to operate at hardly more than a whisper.


Additionally, the PuriCare 360° Double Air Purifier is WiFi-enabled and sync to LG’s SmartThinQ IoT app to control it from your smart device remotely, and the SmartThinQ app not only enables operation but lets you monitor air quality and PM2.5 levels in your home across months as well as schedule the purifier to turn on and off automatically, check filter life levels, troubleshoot, as well as set push notifications. You can also set up Google Home to access the SmartThinQ app, then issue simple voice commands such as “Hey Google, turn on the air purifier.”

Rating 4.5 / 5


We say

The PuriCare 360° Double Air Purifier is pricey, but its a smart way to keep your family in clean and safe air 

Technical Specifications

Features Ionizer, 6 filter system, PM1.0 sensor, gas sensor, WiFi, programmable timer, 4 fan speeds, 70-degree Clean booster rotation, SmartThinQ

Power consumption 75W

Applicable area 91 m2

Filter Life 12 months

Dimensions  373 x 1,073 X 373 mm

Weight 19kg

First published in NXT Magazine December 2020. A digital edition can be purchased from Magzter