Review: Lenovo ThinkPad Z16

Ultimate Multitasking

The Lenovo ThinkPad Z16 is an exclusive AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 design

Lenovo has launched the new ThinkPad Z16, a flagship based solely on contemporary AMD hardware and proprietary AMD technology. The 16-inch ultraportable design is based on AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 H hardware and an optional dedicated AMD GPU, as well as Smart Shift and several other AMD smart technologies, incorporating a Microsoft Pluton security processor.

Aside from the hardware, the Z16 features a luxury metallic design with 16:10 screens, fast connection, an FHD camera, and improved inputs over previous ThinkPads. It is distinguished by the use of recycled materials in its construction and packaging, and the designs depart from the traditional ThinkPad aesthetics, as well as a reversed notch at the top of the screen, required to house the cameras and microphones while keeping the bezels otherwise minimal around the edges.

It is lower in size than the normal ultrabook in its class, with tiny bezels surrounding the display. Lenovo claims screen-to-body ratios of more than 90% on both models, the highest of any ThinkPad range. The laptop is also rather small, but this comes at a cost in terms of functionality, since the IO consists of only USB-C ports and audio and an additional SD card reader. The USB-C ports enable USB 4.0 with data, video, and charging, and I like how Lenovo included one on each side; this will be useful for charging and connecting peripherals. The laptop features security locks, however, you may need to utilise adapters for your peripherals – based on previous experience with other USB-C-only designs, some form of dongle may be supplied in the bundle.

However, because of the all-metal design, the Z16 is not as light as you might think considering its size. The aluminium parts and, most likely, the internal thermal design add up, with the Z16 starting at around 2 kilos. Still portable, although not the lightest laptops in their respective categories.

The materials used for the Z16 are particularly atypical for a ThinkPad, with varied textures of metal utilised. It gets the inverted notch utilised for the FHD f/2.0 camera and mic array – the camera quality should outperform most competitors.

A finger sensor is embedded within the keyboard deck, exactly next to the arrow keys. This does make the Left and Right arrows narrower than the other keys. I was excited to experiment with the inputs on the ThinkPad Z16. It has the same keyboard layout and a big glass clickpad with Haptic feedback, which is unusual for ThinkPads. The Trackpoint remains in the centre of the keyboard, although it no longer has the distinct physical click buttons found on most other ThinkPad designs.

The space left on the bigger Z16 is utilised for up-firing speakers. The additional space in the Z16 also allows for a bigger battery inside as well as a more complicated thermal module necessary to handle the higher-power AMD CPU and optional AMD dGPU.

Overall, the ThinkPad Z16 appears to be an intriguing new addition to Lenovo’s inventory. The AMD platforms will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention, but the design, construction, and screen options are all important selling factors for this series.

Rating: 4.5

We Say: The ThinkPad Z16 has the power to get any work done, and can entertain as well as power productivity.

From S$2,664.63

Technical Specifications

Processor AMD Ryzen™ R9 6950 H-series processor with PRO technologies
Operating System Windows 11 (Windows 10 DG)
Graphics AMD Radeon™ 600M Series Graphics, Discrete AMD Radeon™ RX6500M Graphics with SmartShift technology
Memory Up to 32GB LPDDR5 (dual channel, soldered)
Storage Up to 2TB PCIe Gen4 Performance SSD
Battery Up to 12 hours1 (70WHr); Rapid Charge, 80% in 60 min
Input/Output Ports 3x USB-C (USB4), Audio Jack, Full-size SD card, Kensington Lock
Dimensions (W X D X H) 355 x 238 x 15.8 mm / 13.95 x 9.35 x .63 in
Weight 1.97 kg/4.3 lbs
Display Up to WUXGA IPS 400nit 100% sRGB, Touch & Non-touch