Immerse Yourself Fully in the World Cup with the Pioneer Rayz Plus

We talked about how having proper visuals and applications are important to watching and enjoying the upcoming World Cup. The best visuals will be for naught if you had poor sound quality. To truly immerse yourself in the electrifying atmosphere of the packed stadiums in Russia, you’re going to need some sweet earphones. We recommend using the Pioneer Rayz Plus, and here are some reasons why.

And, because we want you to feel for yourself how great it is to watch the World Cup on the Rayz Plus, we’re giving away two free sets! Instructions to enter this giveaway are at the end of the article.

Pioneer Rayz Plus

It Sounds Good

This is definitely a big one. The Rayz Plus sounds really good, delivering a balanced, clear sound, with a slight bump to the bass that adds that slight oomph without being annoying. To top it off, they come with Smart Noise Cancelling, which adjusts the amount of noise-cancelling according to your surroundings. No more having to listen to annoying chatter of students on the MRT while you enjoy your match in peace. If you’re crossing the road or waiting for somebody, you can enable HearThru Mode which allows you to hear ambient sounds such as your wife calling you to get dinner.

It’s Convenient

The Rayz Plus earphones are some of the best to carry around. This makes them awesome for catching the latest matches while you’re travelling on the MRT or hiding in your office’s toilet. Using Apple’s Lightning Audio technology, the Rayz Plus packs full-featured earphones into a tiny package. There’s no battery and no charging cable, and it consumes much less power than any other Lightning headset. Talk about convenient!

Pioneer Rayz Plus

It’s a Control Station for Your Phone

The Rayz Plus doubles as a control station for you to switch between your favorite football app, messaging app, and email app (in case your boss walks in on you watching the World Cup). With one touch of the Smart Button, you can bring up your favorite app or mute pesky calls. The Rayz Plus are also the first earohones to recognize “Hey Siri” commands so you can ask Siri to do stuff like bring up player stats while you’re watching a match.

It can be yours for Free!

We’re giving away TWO sets of the Pioneer Rayz Plus! Just drop us an email at telling us which team you’re most looking forward to watching on your new pair of Rayz Plus earphones, along with your name and contact number.

Contest ends 30 April 2018.