LG V30+ Review: V for Victorious

The LG has always pursued innovation in their smartphones. Sometimes it works, like the rugged and weatherproof V10 with the unique second screen. Others did not take off; like the modular accessories for the G5. 2017 marks a strong refresh of the LG mobile line, starting with the G6 and its 18:9 display. The LG V30 is a further refinement of all the good features from LG while introducing brand new features that could usher in new trends. LG Singapore has chosen to bring in only the LG V30+, which is basically the V30 with a larger internal storage of 128GB.

LG V30+

The bezel on the V30+ is thinner at the top and bottom while the sides are more rounded. It manages to balance a large screen size and small physical dimensions: despite the 6-inch screen, the V30+ is thinner than the G6 and fits comfortably in my hand. While the bezels on the side are slightly thicker than those on the G6, I like having this slight gap to prevent accidental touches when holding the phone. Also, it does not look as narrow despite the 18:9 aspect ratio.

The phone runs smoother than the G6, thanks to the newer Snapdragon 835 processor. It also achieves longer battery life, although not as long as the Google Pixel 2 XL. The dual camera spec has improved, and it now has a larger f/1.6 aperture and is fitted with a glass lens to achieve improved dynamic range as well as lower distortion from the wide-angle camera. We found that the images turn out well-exposed and the colour temperature is also better tuned. LG retains the wide angle 120-degree lens which is inimitable and delivers an astounding perspective of things. Music lovers will be spoiled by the Quad-DAC audio processor with added digital filters to allow tweaking of your listening preferences. The V30+ is also the first smartphone that supports MQA audio file format, which is another indication of LG’s dedication to Hi-Res audio enjoyment.

Other new features LG adds to the V30+ include improved multimedia content creation, in addition to the Match Shot, Grid Shot and Guide Shot introduced in the G6. The new Cine Video supports LG-Cine LOG profile to give you more control in post-processing of video footage – a professional-grade feature. The Point Zoom smoothens the zoom control by zooming towards the area you tapped, as opposed to straight down the centre. The Graphy feature is like a shoot preset which you can download to apply a consistent look across all your photos.

The front speaker also acts as a quality mic to capture distortion-free sound even in noisy environments. And since LG removed the second screen, it added the Floating Bar with similar capabilities, adding shortcuts to access music, contacts and screen capture. There’s also one final thing, albeit insignificant, that makes the V30+ more connected to the user: the phone will evoke haptic feedback when doing some on-screen actions, like swiping away the notification cards, zooming the camera.


Rating 4.5/5

LG’s mobile division continues its development with well-differentiated features in content creation and media consumption on the LG V30+. It is the best smartphone for serious music and video creators to capture professional content and boasts premium audio and screen quality for you to enjoy media content wherever life takes you.