The Canon Rayo S1 Redefines Versatility As A Mini Projector

Whether you need a projector to watch movies with your loved ones, or to present slides at a meeting, the Canon Rayo S1 mini projector has got you covered. Sure, it’s tiny, but it packs a punch waaay above its weight.

It’s more than just a mini portable projector. The Rayo S1 is also a communication channel and a charger.

Sophisticated Design, To Fit In Your Home

Back view of Canon Rayo S1

The new Rayo S1 comes clad in a metallic black exterior with chic gold trimming. Subtle, definitely classy, and perfect for any home entertainment system. Or a meeting office. Or your bedroom. It’s versatile, that’s what it is.

At just 105mm in length and width, 20mm in depth, and weighing in at 240g, it’s pretty pocket-sized. You can carry it around and set it up easily enough, making it super convenient. Parties, movie marathons, emergency presentations, the Rayo S1 has got you covered.

More Than Just A Projector

The Rayo S1 doesn’t just project though. It can also be used as a bluetooth speaker and power bank, with 3,800mAH capacity for charging. If you need, it can also be a teleconferencing device! Or you can use the 4GB memory to preload music, videos, and presentations for maximum efficiency.

It’s also designed with a smart touch pad, making things incredibly convenient and easy to navigate. All just with one touch.

A High Quality, Long Lasting, Seamless Experience

Top down view of Canon Rayo S1

The Rayo S1 is built to deliver vivid imaging output, with up to 100 lumens and a projection length of up to 120 inches. Watch your movies without any drop in quality, or deliver the crispest, most professional presentation you’ve ever done in your corporate life.

If you’re using it as a speaker, you’ve also got nothing to worry about. The built in stereo speaker delivers crisp sound quality that will enhance your entertainment experience, and bring a touch of professionalism to any presentation.

The built-in battery of the Rayo S1 can run for approximately 120 minutes on a single charge. This allows for even the longest presentations! You only have to worry about losing your audience’s attention.

The Rayo S1 is also equipped with wireless capabilities, to bring you an easy, seamless experience. You can easily connect your mobile devices to play movies or share content. It comes with native Android Kitkat support, so you can surf the internet and enjoy access to various applications on the Rayo S1.

If wifi is more your thing, it also supports Miracast and AirPlay. There’s a whole range of options for you out there!

The Rayo S1 is currently available at Canon authorised dealers, at a recommended retail price of $599.