First Fitbit OS Update Hits Fitbit Ionic With New Apps And A Smarter Experience

The first Fitbit OS update for the Fitbic Ionic brings a whole slew of updates. These updates, from new apps to the Fitbit Labs, are bound to make your Fitbit experience a smarter, more personalised one. The update features more than 60 new apps across a range of categories, 100+ clock faces, and enhanced performance to boot! Now it’s easier than ever to change your lifestyle for the easier.

Personalise Your Fitbit Experience

Fitbit Ionic in three colours on gravel

Discover free apps from popular brands across a wide range of categories. From Yelp, to TripAdvisor, and more, these apps will bring new ways to interact with your device and add convenience to your life.

Plus, browse new apps and clock faces from developers to customise the look and feel of your Ionic smartwatch! Change your at-a-glance information to display what you need. For example, your active minutes, heart rate, games, goal progress, run cadence, sleep, weather, or more.

Some of these new apps include:


  • Food & Drink: Yelp, so you can easily find the best nearby restaurants
  • Health & Fitness: Game Golf, to help you improve your golf game. Surfline, so you can find the best waves
  • Home & IOT: Hue Lights, for controlling Phillips’ leading wireless lighting system
  • News: Flipboard, with stories for every interest. The New York Times, to stay updated
  • Travel & Transit: TripAdvisor to help you discover restaurants and things to do nearby. Uber by Fitbit to get you where you need to go. United Airlines, to access boarding passes and check flight status to your latest vacation.

And these are just a few of the developers and brands who have joined Fitbit’s new developer community!

Fitbit Labs

Fitbit pet from Fitbit labs

Fitbit Labs is a Fitbit Research Initiative that will bring innovative apps and intelligent clock face experiences to users. This initiative aims to motivate and drive behaviour change, and help accelerate the company’s pace of innovation. After all, you got a Fitbit to track your activity and make some changes for the better to your lifestyle, right? Fitbit Labs aims to help with that!

Apps and clock faces include:

  • Fitbit Pet clock face series helps you stay active by using your steps to feed and care for a virtual dog or cat
  • Mood Log* clock face lets you track how you feel and observe your mood patterns over time
  • Tennis* app tracks your swings to give insights into your playing style and a breakdown of your shots by forehand, backhand, and serve. All to help improve your game!
  • Think Fast* task-switching game that tests your mental sharpness. It also provides insights to help you understand the effect of sleep and a healthy lifestyle on your performance
  • Treasure Trek* app helps motivate you to stay active through gamification of your step goal

Apps marked with an asterisk are coming out by the end of the year. Less than a month to wait!

More information about the Fitbit Labs apps and clock faces can be found here. Additional apps and clock faces from Fitbit Labs will be added throughout 2018 and beyond.

Coming In 2018: Music Right From Your Wrist

Woman using Deezer on phone

Fitbit is also partnering with Deezer to provide international users with the ability to listen to music directly from their Fitbit Ionic. This service is coming in 2018, so you don’t even have to wait that long!

Next year, users who add the Deezer app will be given access to a massive music catalogue including their favourite playlists, workout mixes. Last but definitely not least, they’ll also get access to Deezer’s signature feature, Flow.

If you’re wondering, Flow is a personal soundtrack that combines data analytics and human curation to play the songs that you most want to hear. Sound too good to be true eh?

Welcome to the future with Fitbit.