Candela C-8: Transforming Singapore’s Waterways with the World’s First Electric Hydrofoil Boat

Making its debut at the Singapore Yachting Festival, the Candela C-8, a marvel of Swedish engineering, is set to revolutionize the boating industry as the world’s first electric hydrofoil leisure craft.

Already acclaimed as Europe’s best-selling electric boat, the C-8 combines sustainability with superior performance, promising a new era of environmentally friendly water transport in Singapore.

A New Era of Boating
The Candela C-8 offers an innovative approach to marine transportation, utilizing advanced hydrofoil technology to significantly reduce water resistance and increase efficiency.

These underwater wings, similar to those found on an aircraft, lift the boat above the water’s surface at higher speeds, decreasing drag and allowing for an 80% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional boats.

Exceptional Range and Speed
This cutting-edge design enables the C-8 to achieve speeds of up to 22 knots and cover distances over 100 kilometres on a single charge—triple the range of previous fast electric boats.

“The magic carpet ride experience, free from slamming, noise, and seasickness, marks a radical improvement in passenger comfort,” explains Mikael Mahlberg, Head of Communications at Candela.

Minimal Environmental Impact
Not only is the C-8’s operation clean and quiet, but its gentle interaction with the water environment is equally noteworthy. At cruising speed, it produces a wake less than 5 cm high, minimizing shoreline erosion and disturbance to other waterway users.

Incorporating the same fast-charging technology found in the Polestar 2 electric fastback, the C-8 can recharge from 10% to 80% capacity in just 35 minutes. This feature, coupled with retractable hydrofoils for easy docking and access to shallow areas, underscores the C-8’s blend of convenience and innovation.

Looking Ahead: The P-12 Shuttle
Looking beyond leisure, Candela aims to redefine public water transit with the introduction of the P-12 Shuttle, another hydrofoil craft designed for mass transportation.

Slated to commence operations in Stockholm and potentially transform Singapore’s waterways into green highways, the P-12 promises to halve operational costs while maintaining high-speed service, free from the constraints of traditional ferry wakes.

Vision for Singapore’s Waterways
Candela sees significant potential for the P-12 in easing road congestion and enhancing connectivity across Singapore’s waterfront and island regions. “With capabilities like those of the P-12, we can turn Singapore’s waterways into efficient and sustainable transport corridors,” Mahlberg added.

As Candela showcases the C-8 and P-12 at the Singapore Yachting Festival from April 25-28, attendees and media will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the future of electric boating—an experience that promises not only to innovate but also inspire a shift towards sustainable marine transportation solutions globally.