Experience a Revolution in Autonomous Living with LG’s Smart Home AI Agent

LG Electronics is set to reveal its revolutionary smart home Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent at CES 2024. Boasting robotic, AI, and multi-modal technologies, LG’s smart home AI agent can move independently, learn, understand complex conversations, and serve as an all-in-one home manager and companion. This innovative solution aligns with LG’s vision of a “Zero Labour Home,” enhancing users’ daily lives.

Featuring an advanced ‘two-legged’ wheel design, LG’s smart home AI agent can navigate homes autonomously. The device communicates verbally, expresses emotions through articulated leg joints, and utilizes multi-modal AI technology for context-aware interactions. Serving as a mobile smart home hub, the AI agent connects and controls various smart appliances and IoT devices. Equipped with Qualcomm’s Robotics RB5 Platform, it incorporates on-device AI features like face and user recognition, and it monitors environmental data for applications such as pet monitoring and home security.

The AI agent’s versatility shines as it autonomously patrols empty homes, sending alerts about open windows or lights left on. It aids in energy conservation by turning off unused devices through smart outlets. When users return home, the AI agent greets them, analyzes their emotions, and provides relevant information like transportation details, weather updates, schedules, or reminders.

LG aims to liberate users from household chores and establish itself as a key player in the smart home market with this groundbreaking smart home AI agent. Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, stated, “Our smart home AI agent combines cutting-edge autonomous mobility and AI technologies to free customers from household chores, offering a smarter, more enjoyable life at home.”