Set The Beat Of Your Life With The Geneva Touring Series Of Speakers

If you’ve ever taken a road trip, you’ll know the importance of setting the right music for the right mood. After all, no adventure is complete without the right soundtrack. And now, with the Geneva Touring Series of portable wireless Bluetooth speakers, your chosen soundtrack has never sounded so good.

Cutting Edge Audio Technology In An Elegant Package

Geneva Touring/S next to sunglasses

The Touring series delivers superior Hi-Fi sound in a portable, aesthetically pleasing package. Each Touring lets you take your favourite music with you wherever you go. Whether it’s to a calming bath ritual in your bathroom, or to the beach to chill with friends, or a dinner party on the balcony, your music is there for you.

The different speakers in the series are all precision-engineered like a Swiss watch, crafted from expertly finished aircraft grade aluminium, and clad in high quality eco leather. No matter the size you pick, you’re bound to get the full audio experience.

Geneva Touring/XS: Size Doesn’t Matter

Geneva Touring/XS with apple

Or okay, size does matter. The Geneva Touring/XS may be the smallest in the range, but it’s the loudest little speaker you can buy. It’s small enough to fit into a handbag! And yet, it’s still able to deliver deep, satisfying bass at any volume.

Geneva Touring/XS next to toothbrush in cup

The portable size of the speaker belies a 20-hour battery life, as well as 2 active drivers and a passive, bass boosting radiator. For its size, the sound is nothing short of spectacular.

Geneva Touring/S: Small Size, Big Sound

Geneva Touring/S on black marble counter

While not as petite as its XS counterpart, the Touring/S is still handily portable. From the garden, to the park, to the beach, and back again, the Touring/S is a portable speaker that lets you enjoy your favourite tunes and radio stations anywhere, anytime.

Don’t let its size fool you. Just like the Touring/XS, it packs a punch when it comes to sound. Voices are rich and clear, instruments are detailed and well-positioned, and you’ll feel right at home in your music.

Geneva Touring/S on marble side table

It may be the smallest DAB+ radio on the market, but its balanced sound makes a big impression. You can quickly tune into DAB+ and FM radio with 6 presets, use Bluetooth with auto-connect to stream from your digital devices in seconds, or plug straight in with a 3.5mm jack. The long-lasting and powerful rechargeable battery means you won’t be hunting for a power socket every day either!

Geneva Touring/M: Full-bodied Sound, Anywhere

Geneva Touring/M on kitchen counter

The Geneva Touring/M is a true Hi-Fi experience for any location, perfect for those who want incredible sound while on the move. With its unrivalled Hi-Fi audio quality and a long-lasting 30-hour battery life, it’s the ideal speaker for any adventure. Out to the park for a romantic picnic? Perfect. Got a house party that needs the perfect lounge music? Yep.

Geneva Touring/M on coffee table

The Touring/M delivers true Hi-Fi sound no matter what you play. From rap to classical, instruments sound detailed and rich, with bass that delves right down to 60Hz. Inspired by the iconic portable radio, the Touring/M brings subtle lines and solid materials together in a modern, tasteful package.

Geneva Touring/L: Solid Audio Quality To Fill Any Space

Geneva Touring/L on kitchen counter

The Touring/L packs the same design and sound character as the Touring/M, but also sports DAB+ and FM radio support. Voices are crystal clear and smooth, making your favourite radio talk shows or podcasts more immersive.

The same sound quality that its smaller counterparts have is also present. Here, it’s made possible by specially tuned drivers and class D amplifiers. These ensure consistent sound quality, even at the highest volumes.

Geneva Touring/L on shelf

When it comes to design, the Touring/L is all about intuitiveness. After all, you’re here to listen to music, not fiddle with buttons. 6 preset buttons let you quickly switch between DAB+ and FM radio, or you can use Bluetooth or the 3.5mm jack to get things started.

Geneva Acustica/Lounge: Big Boom For Your Buck

Geneva Acustica/Lounge with wood accessory

Last and definitely not least, there’s the Geneva Acustica/Lounge, which packs audio power twice its size. Its powerful digital amplifiers and custom woofer can play bass notes as low as 50Hz, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Geneva Acustica/Lounge on wooden table

Bass isn’t the only thing it excels at, as the Acustica/Lounge also carries its weight in a midsection that keeps voices crystal clear and smooth. Specially tuned drivers and powerful class D amplifiers ensure consistent sound quality, even at the highest volume.

As for its build, the real wood cabinet is finished with an eco-leather cladding in red, cognac, white, and black, giving every speaker a unique exterior texture.