Maximising My Productivity With The Dell Precision 5680 Workstation

As a professional whose work demands both power and precision, I recently had the chance to use the Dell Precision 5680. From its compact design to its powerful performance, here’s my experience with the laptop.

Design and Build

The first thing that struck me about the Precision 5680 was its 16” workstation. Starting at just 1.84kg, making it a highly portable option for professionals on the go. The polycarbonate and glass fibre palm rest felt durable and comfortable during long work sessions. It also gave a very luxurious feel. I appreciated the addition of a fingerprint reader that enhanced security significantly.

Display and Audio

The 16″, 3-sided InfinityEdge bezel offers an expansive view that’s perfect for design and multimedia tasks. I found the UHD+ display exceptionally crisp, with colours popping thanks to Dell’s PremierColor technology. The ComfortView Plus feature, with its low blue light technology, was a boon during long hours, reducing eye strain considerably.

The audio quality was a pleasant surprise. The bottom-facing subwoofers and “Grade A” speakers delivered clear and rich sound.


The real test of the Precision 5680 is its performance, and it didn’t disappoint. With up to Intel Core i9, 14 Core processors and 16GB NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada graphics, it handled everything from complex simulations to video editing with ease. The Gen4 M.2 SSD (up to 4TB) and up to 64GB of DDR5 memory (up to 6400 MHz) ensured that load times were minimal and multitasking was seamless.

Dell’s Optimizer for Precision

Dell’s Optimizer for Precision includes features that allow ‘Walk Away Lock’ as well as ‘Wake On Approach’, automating my sign-in processes and increasing my productivity.

I can even toggle between different presence detection modes such as ‘Onlooker Detection’, in the case where I am working at a cafe but am dealing with sensitive information that I do not want others to pry on.

The software could even optimise the performance of my most-used apps, such as Google Chrome. This means that the performance of this application is prioritised, especially when I use multiple applications that are demanding on the system’s resources.

Connectivity and Power

The Precision 5680 excels in connectivity with Thunderbolt 4, USB-C, and HDMI ports, along with Intel WiFi 6E. The Extended Power Range feature is a thoughtful addition, offering 165W on a standard USB-C connector.

Battery life is crucial for a mobile workstation, and the 5680’s long battery life, supported by a 6-cell battery, didn’t disappoint. The Advanced Thermals, featuring Dual Opposing Output fans and thermal insulated materials, kept the laptop cool even during heavy usage on long work days.

The Dell Precision 5680’s impressive display, robust performance, and intelligent features like Dell Optimizer make it a good choice for those who need a reliable and efficient workstation. Whether for design, multimedia work, or data-intensive tasks, the Precision 5680 stands out as a productivity powerhouse.

The Dell Precision 5680 retails from S$4,131. Click here for more information.