ORA Good Cat 03 Electric Is A Stylish Leap into Singapore’s Green Future

Singapore’s streets have become a little greener and a lot more stylish with the launch of the ORA Good Cat 03 Electric. This electric vehicle (EV) stands out in the compact hatchback segment.

Designed by the acclaimed former Porsche designer Emanuel Derta, the “Retro Futuristic” concept breathes new life into the aesthetics of EVs. I took the Good Cat on a spin around Singapore to rigorously test its features. Check out the short video I made below!

Design & Comfort

Upon first glance, the Good Cat commands attention with its sleek, retro-modern design.

Inside, comfort meets style. The car connected seamlessly with my phone, where I could key in directions for navigation and play my favourite jams.

The driver’s seat with massage function offers relaxation, especially appreciated while I am waiting for someone in the car. The Memory System with Welcome Seat function adds a personal touch, remembering my preferred seating position.

I loved the sunroof giving the car a more ‘open’ feel. The backseat was also extremely spacious and comfortable!

Safety Innovations

Safety is paramount in The Good Cat, and it shows. Features like Forward Collision Warning with Braking Assist, and Pedestrian/Bicycle Detection, give me peace of mind on busy streets. Lane Keep Assist and the Intelligent Evade function add layers of safety by maintaining your lane and avoiding hazards. These features were especially reassuring as I navigated the bustling roads of downtown Singapore.

Driving Dynamics

The Intelligent Cruise Control (especially useful on the highway) and the 360-degree View Camera provided a glimpse into the future of autonomous driving. The cruise control made highway driving a breeze, adjusting speed with traffic flow and cornering. Meanwhile, the 360-degree camera was a godsend in crowded areas like Marina Bay Sands, offering a bird’s-eye view that ensured I was aware of every scooter and pedestrian in close quarters.

Eco-Friendly Performance

With a 63kWh battery offering an impressive 420 km range, the Good Cat got me around town with zero emissions and a whisper-quiet ride. The range was more than adequate for a full day’s adventure across the city, with plenty to spare.

Parking Made Easy

Parking in Singapore can be a challenge, but the Good Cat’s Auto Parking system handled it with finesse.

As Singapore strides towards a greener 2030, the Good Cat is a perfect fit for the city’s clean and efficient environment. With its combination of style, comfort, and advanced technology, it’s not just an electric car; it’s an experience that makes sustainable driving an absolute pleasure.

The ORA Good Cat retails from S$166,999.

For more information about the ORA Good Cat 03 Electric and to experience the future of electric mobility, you can visit www.cyclecarriage.com.sg/ora