Stay Charged Anywhere, Anytime with Duracell M150

Duracell, the leading battery brand trusted by many, has unveiled the cutting-edge M150 Portable Power Station—a versatile solution for keeping your devices charged on the go. Delivering 150 watts of power for laptops, phones, tablets, and other small electronics, the M150 Portable Power Station provides a convenient power source wherever you find yourself, without the need for a wall outlet.

“In the era of increased remote work and virtual communication, ensuring our essential devices remain charged is more crucial than ever.”

Embrace freedom from wall outlets in a stylish manner with the M150’s chic and sleek design. It boasts a tiltable device holder with an integrated storage compartment, USB charging options for various devices, a 360-degree dimmable ring light, and a state-of-the-art charging dock. Weighing less than two pounds, the M150 Portable Power Station easily becomes a staple in your everyday travel essentials, accompanying you to the kitchen table, the couch, the porch, aeroplanes, tailgates, and coffee shops. It’s also a perfect companion in the car and ideal for working in spaces where wall outlets are not readily available.

“In the era of increased remote work and virtual communication, ensuring our essential devices remain charged is more crucial than ever,” stated Richard Wessler, General Manager, Power Stations at Duracell. “With Duracell’s M150 Portable Power Station, we have made staying connected—and powered on—easier than ever before, giving our customers the freedom to work and have fun from anywhere.”


Crafted to seamlessly integrate into your daily activities, the M150 Portable Power Station features a 110-degree tiltable lid that allows users to position their phones at an optimal angle for video conference calls and video watching or recording. The storage compartment below neatly stores accessories such as earbuds, adapters, and dongles. The power station’s dimmable ring light offers multiple brightness settings, illuminating your face for crucial digital meetings or creating ambient lighting in dimly lit environments. In work and office settings, it addresses the issue of limited outlets in conference rooms or co-working spaces and provides additional options for large team meetings.


With its sleek look and low profile, Duracell’s included M-Dock is stylish enough to be displayed in your home on your kitchen counter, bedside nightstand, living room end table, or shelves. This ensures that the M150 Portable Power Station’s 25,000 mAh battery (91 Watt-hours) is always fully charged and ready to provide extra power when needed. In addition to the charging dock, users can opt to charge the M150 Portable Power Station with a standard USB-C cable, making it convenient for recharging on the go.

The Duracell M150 Portable Power Station boasts a quick charging time of 2-2.5 hours and is currently available at for USD199.00.

For those seeking even more power, the Duracell M250 Portable Power Station, featuring 250 watts of portable power, an AC adapter port for charging larger devices, and a charging time of approximately three hours, is available for USD299.00.

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