MOMENTUM 4 Wireless Expands Its Color Palette: Introducing ‘Denim’ and ‘Black Copper’ Editions

From its introduction, the user-friendly MOMENTUM 4 Wireless headphones have gained popularity not only among frequent flyers but also among busy professionals, commuters, families, and travellers, marking them as a favourite for both work and leisure audio enthusiasts. Sennheiser is expanding the palette by introducing two new colour options, adding to the existing matte black/charcoal and white/stone shades.

The new “Denim” shade reflects the classic deep blue of jeans, melding subtle elegance with a casual flair. The stone-coloured padding adds contrast and echoes the texture of the fabric-coated headband, a feature also seen on the protective cases across the MOMENTUM range.

The “Black Copper” version draws inspiration from the metallic detailing on the recently introduced HD 660S2 audiophile headphones from 2023. Both the “S” insignia and the detailing on the earcups emphasize the premium design and rich audio lineage of this series.

Along with the distinctive look, these MOMENTUM 4 Wireless editions ensure comfort with plush ear and headband cushions and boast a standout 60-hour battery life on a single charge. Both variants are equipped with the series’ signature Adaptive Noise Cancellation feature, Bluetooth® 5.2, and aptXTM Adaptive support, and come with luxurious travel cases that house the included USB and audio cables.

Every MOMENTUM 4 Wireless set comes with enhanced features and customizable options through the complementary Smart Control App, available on both the App Store and Google Play. This includes features like high-definition audio mode, tailored sound settings, a 5-band equalizer, and location-specific sound settings.

The “Denim” version will be available from select retailers and on the Sennheiser Consumer Hearing Singapore Webstore starting 9 October 2023, priced at a promotional rate of MSRP S$399.00 for a short duration (Original Price S$599.00).

The “Black Copper” edition of the MOMENTUM 4 Wireless will also be up for sale from 9 October 2023, available on the Sennheiser Consumer Hearing Singapore Webstore and Amazon Singapore, priced at MSRP S$599.00.