Bowers & Wilkins Unveils the Px8 in Luxurious Royal Burgundy Finish

The eminent British audio brand, Bowers & Wilkins, has unveiled a revamped version of its top-tier wireless headphone, the widely acclaimed Px8.

This latest edition boasts a lavish Royal Burgundy Nappa leather finish, accentuated with sophisticated gold accents, solidifying its status as a benchmark in the wireless headphone market.

A Benchmark in Headphone Design
The trio of Px8 models consistently showcases a single cast-aluminium arm, paying homage to Bowers & Wilkins’ distinctive design tradition. An additional touch of elegance is evident with a diamond-cut luminous edge on each oval logo emblem.

With earcups, plush memory-foam cushions, and the headband all adorned in supple Nappa leather, the Px8 epitomizes luxury, comfort, and top-notch design, reaffirming Bowers & Wilkins’ esteemed reputation in the premium audio segment.

Exceptional Sound Clarity
With its award-winning sonic capabilities, the Px8 is powered by state-of-the-art 40mm Carbon Cone drive units, inheriting technologies from the brand’s flagship loudspeakers. This, combined with the robust Bowers & Wilkins in-house DSP (Digital Signal Processing), ensures impeccable 24-bit high-resolution audio output from leading streaming platforms.

The recently tweaked acoustic tuning of the Px8 accentuates even the minutest details, offering a blend of swift responsiveness and minimal distortion across varying frequencies. This upgrade surpasses the performance of both the Px7 S2 and the new Px7 S2e, delivering a more immersive and authentic musical experience, that resonates with the artist’s original intent. In essence, it’s the pinnacle of wireless headphone sound quality that Bowers & Wilkins has ever crafted.

Available in the new Royal Burgundy plus existing Tan and Black Nappa leather finishes, the premium design and class-leading sound quality of the new Px8 are on sale from the Bowers & Wilkins website and selected retailers priced at £599 / $699 / €699.