Unveiling the HM8 Mark 2: MB&F’s Evolution of Automotive-inspired Timepieces

MB&F has a strong connection to the world of cars, with a series of timepieces inspired by automotive design. The journey began in 2012 with the HM5, followed by the HMX in 2015 and the HM8 in 2016. These watches share a distinctive speedometer-style display on the side of the case, reminiscent of the bold and futuristic designs of the 1970s.

The inspiration for MB&F’s automotive-themed timepieces came from the Amida Digitrend, a watch from 1976 featuring a unique design. MB&F adopted a similar concept using a sapphire prism to vertically display the jumping hours and sweeping minutes, resembling an old-style speedometer. The numerals on the sapphire discs were given a digital or electronic appearance through black metallization, with Super-LumiNova applied underneath for a flat luminescence effect.

The HM5 introduced opening and closing slats inspired by the design of the Lamborghini Miura, while the HMX showcased a sapphire crystal cover with miniature oil caps, reminiscent of Touring Superleggera’s creations. The HM8 ‘Can-Am’ drew inspiration from Can-Am cars, featuring titanium roll bars. The new HM8 Mark 2 takes design cues from the iconic Porsche 918 Spyder and the Zagato double bubble for its sapphire crystal.

The construction of these timepieces also reflects the automotive world. The HM5 and HM8 Mark 2 feature an independent water-resistant chassis, while the HMX and HM8 employ a monobloc construction. The HM8 Mark 2’s coachwork is crafted from CarbonMacrolon, a composite material infused with carbon nanotubes for enhanced strength and rigidity. It offers versatility in terms of finishes and weighs significantly less than steel.

Under the hood, the HM8 Mark 2 boasts complex engineering. The titanium chassis and CarbonMacrolon body panels posed challenges during the milling process. The creation of the double-curved sapphire crystal, a hallmark of MB&F timepieces, required extensive effort and expertise. The battle axe rotor, powering the movement, features incredibly thin 22-carat gold blades that are stamped rather than machined.

MB&F HM8 Mark 2 retails for SGD 107,000 each (with GST).