The Unveiling of Artistry and Precision: The Gaël Petermann & Florian Bédat Monopusher Split-Seconds Chronograph


Gaël Petermann and Florian Bédat present the second chapter of their remarkable watchmaking journey with a mono-pusher split-seconds chronograph featuring a jumping minute counter. This timepiece showcases exceptional craftsmanship, boasting 339 meticulously crafted components. It embodies a unique and intricate aesthetic that bridges the gap between traditional watchmaking and contemporary style.

The platinum case has undergone a complete redesign, featuring individually soldered and stepped lugs. Its finishes and size (38.6 millimetres) exude classic elegance, while its logic and design reflect a resolutely modern approach. This timepiece is an authentic representation of 21st-century craftsmanship, with every detail meticulously carved using advanced CNC technology. The collaboration with designer Barth Nussbaumer (Barth. studio) aimed to fully harness the potential of cutting-edge technology, resulting in a truly extraordinary creation.

Gaël Petermann & Florian Bédat have created a dial that exudes understated brilliance in the 2941 timepiece. The dial showcases a rich combination of materials and textures, reflecting the signature style that was first introduced in their reference 1967 creation. The semi-open structure of the dial deliberately emphasizes the harmonious blend of technical precision and aesthetic beauty, serving as the foundation for the entire design of 2941.

While complexity is not pursued its own sake by Gaël Petermann & Florian Bédat, the 2941 timepiece is an accomplishment in itself. It goes beyond the design of a traditional chronograph, exhibiting a level of complexity that elevates the small artisanal workshop in Renens to the esteemed ranks of prestigious Manufactures in Geneva or Glashütte.

Gaël Petermann & Florian Bédat have enhanced the basic column chronograph by incorporating a split-second function into the 2941 timepiece. This feature allows for the measurement of two intervals of time that start simultaneously, presenting a significant challenge in terms of design, construction, and adjustment. To ensure additional safety, 2941 includes a mechanism that effectively prevents accidental resetting of the stopwatch.

In addition, the watchmakers have introduced a jumping minute counter, a rare and intricate complication typically reserved for collector pieces. This complication demonstrates their remarkable skill and craftsmanship. Gaël Petermann & Florian Bédat were committed to including this feature in their own chronograph, as they had promised to incorporate a jumping instantaneous minute counter.
Maintaining aesthetic balance was a crucial consideration for the watchmakers, and they insisted on a single-pusher design for the chronograph. This decision eliminated the need for additional pushers on the right side of the case, preserving a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Based on this conceptual foundation, all the elements of the timepiece were carefully positioned to achieve a harmonious balance between technology and aesthetics. Placing the split-second function on the dial side offers advantages in terms of mechanical reliability and allows the split-seconds pusher to be positioned at 10 o’clock on the case middle without constraints.

The attention to aesthetic detail is also evident in the movement’s architecture, which can be admired through the transparent case back. Gaël Petermann & Florian Bédat meticulously crafted the movement, collaborating closely with the manufacturer and designer. Each component was carefully chosen and arranged, resembling a beautifully orchestrated symphony with eight hands. The underlying theme of the design is to showcase a high level of technicality without overwhelming the overall composition.

The Petermann Bédat Reference 2941 retails for SGD 389,000 (with GST).