Recharge Hybrid Experiences with HP


New products and services were unveiled by HP Inc. that are intended to revitalize hybrid experiences and enable individuals to thrive in the modern digital environment. The sustainability of this 2023 lineup will allow individuals to participate, cooperate, and connect simply and safely.

“Hybrid provides us with greater flexibility and freedom in our personal lives, but brings its own set of challenges for people to stay productive and connected to others,” said Alex Cho, President, Personal Systems, HP Inc. “HP is taking the headache out of hybrid by delivering powerful and best-in-class ecosystem experiences and industry-leading innovations – including the Poly Voyager Free 60 Series Wireless Earbuds for exceptional audio experiences, and the HP E-Series monitors to help take productivity to the next level – while ensuring we continue to advance our world’s most sustainable PC portfolio.”

Work Happy in an Environment as Productive as Your Home Setup


Hybrid work will continue to exist. Although 77% of workers favour a hybrid approach, working in a hybrid workplace has its disadvantages. Nowadays, employees may operate more effectively and productively from home. People desire the finest PC experiences wherever they work, but most workplace settings aren’t as appealing due to outmoded technology, which causes employee annoyance and reduces productivity. With today’s announcement, HP is upgrading all workspaces with new tools and services so that workers can function effectively, safely, and wherever their jobs take them.

With new simple video conferencing technologies to refuel hybrid work, the HP Dragonfly G4, HP EliteBook 1040 G10, and HP Elite x360 1040 G10 enable more engaging collaborative experiences.

Users may simply exhibit their faces and an item or a whiteboard at the same time, picture-in-picture or side-by-side, thanks to Multi-Camera Experience’s support for dual video streams and camera switching. The new business laptops are the first in the world to permit the use of two cameras at once.

To maintain audience engagement without losing eye contact, Auto Camera Select employs clever facial tracking to determine which camera a user is looking at. HP Keystone Correction automatically crops and flattens photos from the camera stream, making sharing a whiteboard or physical document simple with a single click.

New features assist in automatically optimizing performance and power use as users move throughout the day, such as:

With the help of Intelligent Hibernate, which tracks PC usage patterns, the computer will automatically enter hibernate mode at the end of the day to conserve battery life. The PC gradually develops the ability to anticipate when a user will likely use the device the following day and may switch to the more contemporary standby mode for an instant-on experience. Using artificial intelligence to learn and adjust to PC usage patterns, Smart Sense enhances PC thermal performance. As a consequence, the laptop is more comfortable to use while still providing the necessary power for getting work done. It is also quieter and cooler.

To reduce CO2 emissions, the newest HP Dragonfly and Elite 1000 Series PCs include speaker enclosures made of 5% ocean-bound plastic and 90% recycled magnesium in the enclosure casing. The devices’ outside packaging is entirely sustainably sourced11 and EPEAT® Gold certified. 10 ENERGY STAR® Certifications, 23 Country Registrations, and TCO Certification. Having the appropriate tools and technology to represent desired workstyles is key to enhancing a hybrid workplace, whether it is from home or in the office. Employees may bring their best selves to work by using the appropriate tools, which will increase their productivity and comfort throughout the workday. HP is launching new displays, accessories, and services to complete the PC ecosystem.


The HP E-Series G5 Monitors, with diagonal display sizes ranging from 21.5 to 44.5 inches, are stylish and elegantly designed to fit in with any room in the house or business. The series provides a range of options, including 99% sRGB, curved and ultrawide displays, and 4K resolution on some models, to allow hybrid workers to stay connected and focused. With HP Eye Ease, users can work comfortably while limiting their exposure to blue light, and an ambient light sensor regulates the screen brightness automatically. For a more immersive viewing experience, the HP E45c G5 Display is the first 45-inch super ultrawide dual QHD curved monitor in the globe. With the new Virtual Dual Display function, you can replace two 24-inch QHD displays with a gigantic 44.5-inch diagonal display. 90% recyclable and renewable resources, including coffee grounds and recycled aluminium, are used in every monitor in this series.

The HP M24h and M27h FHD Monitors boost home settings for users who work from home, learn from home, or enjoy entertainment by providing better ergonomics that help users discover their ideal posture and viewing angle so they can always feel their best. It is also the first monitor series in the world to use integrated display software that acts as a comfort configuration guide.


HP is launching the Poly Voyager Free 60 Series collection of professional-grade wireless earbuds for hybrid lifestyles, leveraging the power of Poly audio technology. The Poly Voyager Free 60 Series offers up to five hours of talk time with adaptive active noise cancelling (ANC) and WindSmart technology to wipe out irritating background noises, whether you’re participating in a conference call or listening to your favourite music. The Poly Voyager Free 60+ comes with a smart charging case, while the normal edition features a charging case that provides 10 more hours of talk time.

The smart charging case has a 3.5 mm analogue input that is perfect for in-flight entertainment systems, an OLED touchscreen display with quick access to volume and mute controls, and quick insight into battery life and call status. The wireless earphones, which come in white sand or carbon black, have a sleek, contemporary design for all-day comfort. Users may customize the settings on their Poly devices via the Poly Lens Mobile App, and IT staff can monitor and get information.

The HP 620/625 FHD Webcam enables customers to sound and look their best all day long. This FHD 1080p webcam from Zoom boasts two noise-cancelling microphones, an adjustable field of view, and video capabilities like AI face framing, auto-focus, and background light improvement. With Windows Hello face recognition compatibility, the camera saves valuable seconds for quick, simple, and secure logins. With a 360-degree swivel and 90-degree tilt for further versatility, the camera catches every perspective. 100% recyclable packaging and 71% post-consumer recycled plastic are sustainability benefits.


With its small size, silent clicks, and up to 90 days of battery life, the HP 710 Rechargeable Silent Mouse enables users to operate wherever they need to. Users may optimize their productivity and operate easily with multi-OS compatibility across three saved devices thanks to the six configurable buttons for personalized shortcuts. 60% post-consumer recycled plastic was used to make the item. The mouse, designed for the Intel® EvoTM laptop accessories program, offers dependable communication when used with Intel® EvoTM laptops.

Two alternatives to reduce the carbon footprint of qualified HP business PCs are provided by HP Carbon Neutral Computing Services, which aids companies in their efforts to move toward a low-carbon future. Customers have the option to offset the carbon emissions produced during PC manufacture, system delivery, or the whole device lifespan, ensuring that their PCs are carbon neutral even after they are no longer in use. From product manufacture to everyday PC usage, HP incorporates high-quality carbon offsets into every device to assist businesses in achieving their carbon neutrality targets more quickly. Additionally, HP provides clients with a Sustainability Benefit Report that plainly illustrates the sustainable effects of their fleet of HP PCs that are carbon neutral.

Innovating in Sustainability with Unique Materials for HP’s New Consumer PCs

Because everyone should have access to products made for sustainability, HP is launching cutting-edge and distinctive items throughout its new consumer devices. The HP 14 and 15.6 inch Laptop PCs have a stunningly compact design constructed of ocean-bound plastics, post-consumer recycled plastics, and recycled metals. They are available with either Intel or AMD processors. 11 With up to 25% of the product made of post-consumer recycled plastics, the HP 14-inch Laptop PC – Eco Edition pushes sustainability to new heights. The device’s bottom cover was merged with bio-circular material, such as spent cooking oil, and its packaging would be entirely recyclable and supplied responsibly. All of the new consumer notebooks are ENERGY STAR® certified and EPEAT® Silver Registered, with the Eco Edition version EPEAT Gold® Registered.

The revolutionary frame of the HP 24 and 27-inch All-In-One PCs is made from special materials, making it HP’s most environmentally friendly all-in-one product to date. Recycled coffee grounds are employed in this computer for the first time as finish speckles. The shell of this all-in-one comprises more than 40% post-consumer recycled plastic, the arms stand is made of 75% recycled aluminium, and the stand base is made entirely of recovered polyester. The all-in-one is registered with ENERGY STAR® and EPEAT® Gold. Its sustainability extends beyond the gadget itself. The 100% recyclable and sustainably produced box packaging has been shrunk by 62%, allowing for up to 66% more units per pallet while yet maintaining the same CO2 footprint.

Additionally, HP Planet Partners works to have HP items recycled or repurposed when you’re done using them.

OMEN Gaming Goes to the Cloud

HP is the first Windows PC manufacturer with an integrated NVIDIA GeForce NOW solution and is delivering cloud gaming through OMEN Gaming Hub in response to the growing worldwide gaming market.

3 Regardless of the PC they play on, this significant feature enables players all around the world access to play over 1450 titles, ranging from AAA to indie, within a best-in-class cloud gaming service. Gamers now have easier access than ever to play their favourite games with greater quality and frame rates thanks to My Games and OMEN Optimizer combined with the option to access local games.

With up to 13th Gen Intel® CoreTM i9-13900K processors and up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 4090 graphics cards, the OMEN 40L and 45L Desktops open new heights of extreme power, enabling gorgeous 4K visuals and blazingly fast frame rates in resolutions utilized for competitive gaming. The OMEN Cryo ChamberTM, a ground-breaking, patented CPU cooling technology that contains an all-in-one liquid cooler in a separate compartment above the case, gives customers choosing the 45L additional headroom for processor overclocking. To keep games running as quickly as possible, the OMEN 25L Desktop also receives an upgrade with the newest 13th Gen Intel® CoreTM CPUs.