LG Adds WiFi Capabilities to its New ArtCool Plus Air Conditioner

LG has introduced the new ArtCool Plus Air Conditioners which comes with Wi-Fi capabilities. Users can now remotely control the air conditioners through the LG SmartThinQ app on their smartphones, providing greater convenience for homeowners to check in and monitor on their household usage patterns on the go. Complemented with LG’s new energy-saving outdoor units, homeowners can look forward to greater utility savings in the long run.

LG ArtCool Plus Air Conditioner

Remotely Control the Air Conditioners

Embedded with Wi-Fi technology, users can now remotely control the LG ArtCool Plus Air Conditioners using the LG SmartThinQ app on their Android or iOS smartphones. With this function, homeowners can turn on the air conditioners through the app while outside, set the temperature, and come home to a comfortable, cool home. The app also comes with control and monitor, smart diagnosis and filter manager functions.

Enjoy Clean and Cool Indoor Air Quality

Another salient feature of the LG ArtCool Plus Air Conditioners is the Plasmaster Ionizer+. The ionizer plus emits over three million ions to sterilize aerial bacteria and harmful substances, while the plasmaster removes microscopic contaminants to supply fresh air. This in turn results in improved indoor air quality that is 99.9 per cent cleaner.

Auto Cleaning for Continued Optimal Performance

The ArtCool Plus Air Conditioner features a comprehensive auto cleaning function that ensures the unit continues to provide clean and safe air. The dehumidifying action eliminates harmful substances while the advanced deodorizing function keeps the indoor environment smelling fresh. This two-step process prevents the formation of bacteria and mold on the heat exchanger as it tends to accumulate in an indoor unit. The auto cleaning function continues to run for up to 30 minutes even after the unit is turned off to clean the interior.

LG ArtCool Plus Air Conditioner in a room

Four-way Swing Feature Blankets the Entire Room with Cool Air

With its four-way swing, the ArtCool Plus Air Conditioner is able to cool the entire room regardless of where it is installed. Its vertical vane offers control up to 70 degrees in upward and downward direction and has six different settings or full-auto swing. The five-step louver offers control up to 55 degrees, swaying left and right, and has five different settings or full-auto swing.

Low Noise for Undisturbed Sleep

Each ArtCool Plus Air Conditioner operates at a low-noise level of 19dB, thanks to its unique skew fan and BLDC fan motor. The skew fan comes with a 15-degree tilted stabilizer. By minimizing the surface pressure of the fan blade when in contact with the air peak, noise is reduced drastically. With strong torque and powerful neodymium magnetism as well as precise speed control of 13 different steps for smooth operation, the BLDC motor provides substantial air volume and high static pressure, all the while keeping electrical and mechanical noise to a minimum and making high-speed operation possible.

New LG Multi-spilt Inverter Outdoor Units

LG has also introduced a new range of energy efficient multi-split inverter outdoor units. Made in Korea and boasting four and five ticks rating, these low-noise solutions are equipped with a BLDC compressor which improves the efficiency and durability of the compressor, offering users greater cost savings in the long run. With the addition of a pressure sensor, the compressor can sense target pressure and temperature simultaneously, improving its operational reliability. The inverters are also compact in size, making it ideal for homes with a smaller air conditioner ledge.

Available now at Audio House, Best Denki, COURTS, Gain City, Mega Discounts Store and Harvey Norman, prices for the ArtCool Plus Air Conditioners start from S$2,588 for System 2, S$3,838 for a System 3 and S$4,888 for a System 4 solutions.