The Canon EOS M50 Mark ll is the perfect camera to take #OOTDs

On many occasions like picnics, birthday parties or weddings, everyone is suited up and wants good to save for memories. Canon M50 Mark II is the best solution for taking perfect pictures of OOTDs, aka outfit of the day.

I have used this camera on many occasions and the best part is you can adjust any lens with this camera easily. If you want a wide-angle lens, you can just replace the existing lens with the wide-angle one without much configuration. It is so easy for me as a beginner in photography.

This camera also has Dual Pixel autofocus with an eye-tracking feature which makes it very easy for me to take pictures without even worrying about whether my picture is in focus or not. This autofocus mode helps me while recording video as I do not need to adjust the focus manually by tuning the lens again and again.

I love to record videos on this camera as it has amazing stabilisation and the menu settings are very easy to navigate. The menu is easy to follow and has the same layout as other Canon EOS cameras. You can also record sharp 4K videos with this camera. I always switch to the autofocus mode while shooting videos to simplify the process. With exposure compensation, focus area buttons and touchscreen functionality, recording videos has never been better.

The M50 Mark II has a decent built-in flash that can be used as a fill, and a hot shoe that allows me to connect a more powerful external flash. The camera also has a 3.5mm microphone jack, micro-HDMI and USB micro-B slots.

While the Canon M50 Mark II is compact, the grip is substantial and comfortable. The camera’s controls are almost identical to its predecessor. The control dial, shutter button, record button, and M-FN can all be found on the top-right-hand side of the camera’s body. The rest of the camera’s controls run alongside the right side. In most instances, I prefer to use the touchscreen to change my settings.

In conclusion, I must say Canon M50 Mark ll is the perfect solution for photographers and vloggers to start their photography/videography career or journey. I enjoy playing with this baby a lot. I can easily carry it anywhere because of its compact design and lightweight. Lastly, the pop-out screen feature is my favourite feature which allows me to record or shoot selfies with the screen turned to my side.

For more information on Canon EOS Mark ll and check it out here.