Sports + Advanced Technology: Lenovo and Formula 1® Want to Push the Boundaries of What’s Possible

Six months ago, Formula 1® and Lenovo announced Lenovo as an Official Partner starting from the 2022 season. With that, Lenovo’s cutting-edge technology will be employed across Formula 1®’s operations, as it continues to provide the greatest quality of racing and entertainment to its global fans.

We caught up with Nigel Lee, the Country General Manager for Lenovo Singapore to find out more about this intriguing partnership between two powerhouses of their respective industries, and based on what we found out, Formula 1® fans have a lot to be excited about in the upcoming races.

What sparked Lenovo to embark on a partnership with Formula 1?

This partnership is based on our shared passion for innovation, performance, and the winning spirit. As global leaders in their respective fields, Lenovo and Formula 1 want to push the boundaries of what’s possible when combining sports with advanced technology.

What effect will this partnership have on the fans of Formula 1?

With Lenovo’s extensive selection of premium hardware as well as innovative next-generation technology such as augmented and virtual reality, Formula 1 can continue to connect fans with the sport in new and more engaging ways.

“From running powerful on-premises data collection solutions to producing higher quality content and supporting broadcast applications, the Formula 1 and Lenovo collaboration will result in a better experience for fans.”

How is Lenovo’s technology being used across the Formula 1 organization?

Over the next few years, the partnership will involve Lenovo’s technology being used across the Formula 1 organization, both back at its base and at races. Lenovo’s hardware devices, as well as High Performance Computing and server solutions will be increasingly integrated throughout our operations. From running powerful on-premises data collection solutions to producing higher quality content and supporting broadcast applications, the Formula 1 and Lenovo collaboration will result in a better experience for fans.

How will Lenovo’s technology change the Formula 1?

Together Lenovo and Formula 1 will push the limits of technology to help shape a faster, smarter, and more sustainable future.

Tell us about Lenovo’s and Formula 1’s alignment on diversity and inclusion.

Earlier this year, Formula 1 announced that it has extended its commitment to create employment and education opportunities for underrepresented groups, in the form of 10 engineering scholarships each year through to 2025. Lenovo is also focused on diversity and inclusion and removing barriers, and through the partnership will work with Formula 1 on projects related to this important area.

A partnership for fans: Driving a faster, smarter, more sustainable future.

Lenovo is thrilled to be associated with Formula 1®, the pinnacle of racing innovation. Similarly, as the world’s most popular motorsport, Formula 1® is unrivaled in its desire to explore new territory as it continues to innovate.

Lenovo’s technology will be utilized across the global racing series’ numerous activities, including at its London headquarters and at races, under the terms of the multi-year agreement. Hardware devices, high-performance computing, and server solutions are all included. With that, Lenovo devices, servers, and workstations will deliver the power and performance required to convert ideas into action. The PC manufacturer’s dedication to quality and continual innovation enables Formula 1® to maintain a significant competitive edge.

A Formula 1® Grand Prix is unlike any other athletic event on the planet. However, the speed, precision, and performance shown on the course is the product of a massive teamwork that takes place behind the scenes and throughout the world every year.

The agreement, according to Formula 1®, would provide robust on-premises data collection, higher quality material, and more support for broadcast apps, allowing the series to improve the fan experience. The sport will also look to make use of Lenovo’s cutting-edge technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) as it explores new ways of engaging with fans

Lenovo keeps Formula 1® running smoothly thanks to the superior AV capabilities of its award-winning consumer and business laptop and desktop solutions, as well as its enterprise-grade ThinkSmart collaboration solutions.

Organizing more than 20 Grand Prix events across five continents each season necessitates next-level agility and global delivery capabilities. There is no room for mistakes when timetables are made and host towns wait for the big event to come. As such Lenovo assists Formula 1® in meeting those high expectations for world-class experiences from start to finish.

Stefano Domenicali, President & CEO of Formula 1®, said: “As we prepare for our record-breaking season, it is exciting to welcome Lenovo to the team and for us to join forces with a global leader in technology. Like everything in Formula 1, precision and detail are everything, and Lenovo will be at the forefront of providing their experience and innovative technologies to our operations throughout the season.

“Our fans expect the best from everything we do, and Lenovo is the perfect partner in terms of its premium hardware offerings. We are entering a new era of our sport and we’re committed to delivering a high-quality experience for our dedicated followers around the world.”