Canon M50 Mark II is an Everyday Camera

Light & Compact in your Bag

For someone who hates carrying additional things in her bag, it really says something when I’m willing to carry the Canon M50 Mark ll around with me every day. It fits nicely in my bag as it is really compact weighing only about 500g with the lens and 350g without. It has a really nice grip as well so you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of your hand and you can shoot from all angles.

Different from a Smartphone

As much as smartphones are revolutionising the world of photo-taking, the quality of a camera is simply different. I love the way the background blurs and how sharp the photo turns out. Credits go fully to the Face and Eye Detection Autofocus so you will never lose focus on your eyes and face. The screen is one of my favourite parts of this camera as it allows you to shoot from all angles. My boyfriend was able to make me look 190cm without having to sit on the floor to shoot a low angle shot.

Taking photos at night

I don’t have to worry about taking photos at night because it has a built-in flash as well. You can see how vibrant the colours are in the photos, it does not even require any edits. Canon’s unique colour science renders skin tones in pleasing natural colours. I applied the Smooth Skin effect for a more radiant look!

Vlog in 4K

I also like the Canon M50 Mark ll for its 4K resolution so I can record stunning footage that would stay in focus all day long. Definitely worth bringing on a holiday to capture every memory. The flip screen & external microphone jack will definitely come in handy while vlogging. It is able to record for a really long time without overheating. I had a few frustrating moments without other cameras when it would stop halfway. It is also able to change focus really quickly which is good for when you are shooting multiple objects.

Here’s a link to a Tiktok I recorded:

Seamless Connection

I’m someone who dislikes extra work so I wouldn’t want to connect my camera to my computer to transfer the photos. I love how seamlessly my pictures can be transferred onto my smartphone so I can share my moments on social media. The Canon Camera Connect is able to connect really quickly with its built-in wifi. The application can act as a remote as well which is good for when it’s just me & my tripod out on a shoot. 

Overall, the camera is good on a beginner or advanced level. It is good for beginners as it has an auto function so all the settings are adjusted for you. It is good for pros as there’s a manual setting and is compatible with over 60 lenses from the EF AND EF-S range.