Portable Productivity with PRISM+ Nomad Ultra 4K Monitor

Hey guys! Have you guys heard of a portable monitor? These monitors are becoming increasingly common these days, due to their ease of carrying to and from work. 

Trying out PRISM+ latest Nomad Ultra 4K touchscreen monitor, I found my productivity increasing significantly. At work, dual monitors shine when it comes to multitasking. I am considerably more efficient when I can spread out my tasks across numerous displays. 

The Nomad is ultraslim and ultralight at only 0.94kg and 14.1 inches wide. It can easily fit in my laptop bag! I was pleasantly surprised my laptop bag was able to fit this second monitor as well as my laptop. It is so portable that I easily bring it with me to all my school and work appointments, without much-added weight. Included with the monitor is an ergonomic sleeve kickstand.

The whole set-up process for the Nomad only took less than a minute. Connect the monitor to a power source (you don’t have to if it’s fully charged as there is an in-built battery in the monitor), and then connect it to your laptop or computer with the given USB-C or HDMI cable. That’s all! The cable management is also very minimal and neat, making it a conducive workspace. 

With approximately 4 hours, the battery life on the monitor itself is long-lasting. Say goodbye to lugging around heavy chargers, I can now just leave my seat with the monitor screen, cable, and my laptop. At work, I presented my PowerPoint slides and videos using the monitor. It is great for presenting videos with its built-in stereo speakers that over-delivered with audio that was loud and crisp, allowing the audience to fully immerse in the video played (bonus points for impressing your boss)! Streaming movies has also been a great experience with friends when we get tired of working. 

Since it is a 4k monitor with enhanced colour reproduction, the colours on this monitor are striking, vibrant, and so true to life. I was quite blown away when I first watched a 4K video on it. For the tech geeks, the Nomad Pro packs a Wide Color Gamut of 145% sRGB and a peak luminance of 400cd/m². With the Nomad Pro’s anti-glare surface and blue light filters, there is additional protection on my eyes that reduces eye strain and prevents my eyes from being tired after prolonged usage.

To wind down, I occasionally play games and stream with my friends. We play online multiplayer games such as Halo infinite and Valorant. Having a second screen to monitor the stream and chats has been helpful as I do not have to toggle between screens. This allows me to concentrate fully on games! The streams are also clear with the amazing video quality. 

Connect it with your phone (Type-C compatible), and you instantly have a laptop. Your phone will act as a trackpad and keyboard, and this is such a cool and new feature for me. The Nomad is compatible with both the Mini HDMI and 2 USB Type-C ports for easier and faster data transfer speeds. It also supports ten-finger multi-touch and Windows 8.1/10 gestures. I am able to draw, drag, flick or tap, easily navigating volume and brightness with just my fingers. It is like a blown-up version of my phone. 

Overall, portable monitors used to be a foreign concept to me, as we are all mostly just used to normal monitors. After trying the Nomad Ultra 4K out, I have fully understood the benefits of having one, and I recommend this for anyone who needs to have a high-resolution dual-screen setup both at home and at work to increase productivity! It is truly a lifestyle change. 

If you’re interested, more information can be found here