Sinn Launches 1800 S GG Damaszener

The launch of the 100-piece limited-edition 1800 S DAMASZENER marks the first time Sinn has rendered the highly traditional material, Damascus steel, into a form suitable for watch cases, a sophisticated concept flawlessly upheld in the 100-piece limited-edition 1800 DAMASZENER.

The release individually numbered 1800 S GG DAMASZENER as the third member of this watch range. Made from genuine forge-welded Damascus steel, this watch reflects the high quality of the predecessor models, yet adds its very own highlights.

The 1800 S GG DAMASZENER thus also boasts a unique style that is reflected directly in the design and appearance. In order to perfectly enhance the characteristic texture of Damascus steel – an organic pattern of alternating bands of light and dark – the one-piece dial and central part of the case were forged from a complete steel block rather than designed as separate components, as is customary.

The result: the Damascus pattern on the dial continues across the entire case to create a fascinating and impressive whole. Thanks to the TEGIMENT Technology, Sinn has succeeded in making the case especially scratch-resistant. The additional Black Hard Coating highlights the pattern in a subtle, exquisite light and ensures good readability and a masculine-looking watch.

Meticulously attached by hand, the 18-carat gold appliqués are the perfect complement to the coherent overall design of the 1800 S GG DAMASZENER, emphasising the unique elegance of this watch.

These appliqués feature luminous paint, making it possible to read the 1800 S GG DAMASZENER in the dark – a design principle we also apply to skeletonised hour, minute and second hands in 18-carat gold.

The piece is then forged, halved while in a glowing state and layered together again. Experts refer to this as ‘folding’. By combining soft and hard steels, a new kind of steel is created, one which displays properties of both. In the final stage of production, the Damascus pattern is made visible through surface etching.

The steels are dissolved to varying extents by acid, thus forming the typical light and dark nuances. The layered structure of the 1800 S GG DAMASZENER is also made visible in this way. Because the flow of lines cannot be physically manipulated, each and every 1800 S GG DAMASZENER is one of a kind.

The 100-piece limited-edition 1800 S DAMASZENER watch retails for S$15,140. For more information, visit