Sennheiser’s CX Plus True Wireless Brings Superb Sound and Comfort

I’m sure all of us agree – we can’t live without a reliable pair of earbuds. I use my earbuds almost every second of the day, and I am not exaggerating. When I’m in school, earbuds are essential for focusing on online lectures. Working from home nowadays, earbuds are key in communicating with my teammates. Even when I’m resting or exercising, earbuds help me block everything out to relax peacefully. That’s why to me, it is very important to find a comfortable pair with superior sound quality, at an accessible price point!

Check out my quick introduction video on the CX Plus True Wireless below!

Audiophile Technology

Its sleek black casing makes it stylish and chic with any outfit. Trying out the CX Plus True Wireless, I was blown away by the sound quality. It has an acoustic system that brings audiophile technology to everyday listening. The earbuds deliver high-fidelity stereo sound with deep basses, natural mids, and clear, detailed trebles. This is right up my alley, as I frequently listen to pop concert playlists, and the beep bass elevates my experience. 

Active Noise Cancellation and Transparent Hearing

As I work out frequently with my earbuds, it is vital that it comes with Active Noise Cancellation. This ensures that I am able to get immersed in a workout, without getting distracted by the buzz of vehicles and people around me. Meanwhile, the Transparent Hearing feature accurately balances my music and my surrounding sounds, keeping me safe as I can still hear danger signs such as bicycle rings coming from behind or incoming cars on the roads, all while jamming to my music. This makes my whole experience very convenient and comfortable. It truly provides a whole day of high-fidelity listening experience.

Customisable Touch Controls

The CX Plus True Wireless’s customisable touch controls are something that I appreciate, as they are effortless to use. I managed to set bespoke commands for controlling audio, making it extremely intuitive without needing to reach for my phone. Each earbud is also equipped with a pair of dual mics that ensures a crystal clear voice pick-up. 

Smart Pause and Smart Control App

The intelligent feature Smart Pause automatically pauses audio when the earbuds are taken out when I need to engage in an important conversation and instantly resumes playback when plugged back in. When working on my iPad and my laptop at once, switching earbuds connectivity between the 2 devices could be quite a hassle. With the CX Plus True Wireless, its Bluetooth connections can be easily managed via the Sennheiser Smart Control app, making switching seamless. It also offers Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility. 

Overall, its ergonomic and sleek design gave me a full day of listening experience without fatigue. It is also IPX4 rated splash resistant, protecting it from splashing water, no matter the direction. Nothing to worry about even when caught in heavy rain!

The new CX Plus True Wireless retails at S$259 on the Sennheiser web shop, brand store at Marina Square, and all authorised Sennheiser retailers.