Playing ‘It Takes Two’ with Gemini One Wired Gaming Mouse

    Today, our gamer girl Clarissa test out both game and wired mouse. And here are her reviews –  I am so excited to review the Supersolid Gemini One Wired Gaming Mouse. A wired mouse is one of the most essential items in my gaming desktop set-up, and I recently realised the importance of having one. That is, especially when I am playing games!

    To me, the best mouse would be one that is highly responsive and customisable. Recently, one of my favourite games to play with my friends is called ‘It Takes Two’. During this Phase 2 HA, I have been playing it more than ever to interact with my friends. 

    Launched only 4 months ago, It Takes Two is an action-adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts under the EA Originals label. The game was released for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

    The game lets us embark on the craziest journey of our lives, a genre-bending platform adventure-created purely for co-op. I love co-op games, as I can work together with my friends to solve all the missions. 

    Honestly, I thought the game would be boring and cringy, as the theme was about relationships and love. A couple on the edge of divorce (characters played by you and your friend) go through multiple challenges. To pass the challenges, they have no choice but to work together. I was surprised at the difficulty of some challenges, as the further on I progressed, the harder the missions got. 

    This is hands-down one of the most unique games that I have played, and the depth and variety of it are unrivalled. Apart from puzzle-solving, there are shooting elements in the game that keeps me on the edge of my chair! 

    As this game was so immersive, I usually play it for hours at one go. Using the Gemini One Wired Mouse, it was so comfortable playing long hours on the game. The mouse comes with a ton of customisable features, allowing me to tailor the mouse to its weight, aesthetic, and 7 customisable buttons for performance preferences.

    The Gemini One comes with built-in RGB customisation in three distinct zones – a sleek underglow, a lit-up logo that’s visible when using the honeycomb top cover, and along with the scroll wheel. I love how it blends seamlessly with my desk’s setup. 

    What’s really cool is that the mouse has a 12-piece variable weight system, interchangeable honeycomb and solid top covers. The honeycomb design is ingenious, as not only it takes off the total weight of the mouse, it helps with eliminating sweaty palms with its increased airflow design. However, the honeycomb look may not be for everyone.

    So, fret not, it comes with a solid top cover for a typical mouse design too. Although I love a light mouse that is easy on my hands, sometimes a weighted mouse is better for increased precision when I am playing games. For flicks, I found the weights really helpful. It comes with 12 weights, each weighing 1.25 grams. 

    It is also pretty inclusive that the mouse is ambidextrous, even for the buttons at the side of the mouse. With their best Pixart 3389 sensor, it enables Gemini One to achieve performance tailors to my preference With an ultralight and flexible paracord cable, I can manipulate my 16,000 DPI sensitivity very easily. Additionally, it has a 1,000Hz polling rate, 400 IPS tracking speed, and 50G max acceleration to achieve perfection. Using this mouse while playing It Takes Two elevated the whole experience. The RGB lighting, the feel of the mouse, all blended nicely together.

    The Gemini One Wired Mouse retails at S$89 here. For more information, head to their official website