Sony Launch New Premium Wireless Speakers

Sony’s RA5000 and RA3000 are equipped with Sony’s unique spatial sound technologies and packed with smart features. Their Ambient Room-Filling Sound, with their 360 Reality Audio, incorporates and analyses three-dimensional sound location data to optimally allocate the sound to the speaker’s structure effectively. This delivers true ambient room-filling sound for users.

The RA5000 features a trio of up-firing speakers that spread music vertically, while the three middle sited speakers spread sound horizontally.

The RA3000 achieves omni-directional sound with deep bass by using a full range speaker and an omni-diffuser.

Having your speaker suddenly blasting out loud music due to inconsistent track volume can be very annoying, but this will be a thing of the past as the RA5000 and RA3000 will analyze each track and automatically play them at a consistent volume.

Both speakers also have seamless connectivity and are compatible with Google Assistant-enabled devices with Chromecast built-in and Amazon Alexa enabled devices.