Huawei Releases Petal Search in Singapore

Huawei users in Singapore can now download Petal Search in the AppGallery store or via the latest update of EMUI 10 (v10.1.0.131).

What is Petal Search

The new search tool offers an alternative means to AppGallery for users to access and download a wider range of apps. With the latest EMUI 10 update, users can add Petal Search as a widget on the home screen for easier app searches.

The Petal Search app brings an alternative search experience that aggregates information, delivering the most relevant results for users to enable them to fully personalise and manage their smartphone experience.

The search tool lists apps from multiple sources with the source origins indicated under each app. Huawei’s AppGallery is integrated into Petal Search and any apps already available in the AppGallery will appear at the top of any search in the tool.

Petal Search also sources customised information to provide the latest information from aggregating apps, news, movies, music images and more to provide a diverse mobile search experience for users.

Petal Search currently supports more than 40 languages and is available in 45 countries and regions, with plans for wider rollout to even more countries in the future.

It is now available in Singapore to download from the AppGallery by searching “Petal Search – Find Apps” and is included as part of the latest EMUI update.